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for Foolish Girl

1/15/2020 c1 68TolkienScholar
WHOA. This... did not go at all where I thought it was going to. And the end result is incredibly more powerful and meaningful than the other possibility. I had to go back and reread it a couple of times to catch all the meaning in these few words. It struck me the first time I read, before I got to that shocking reveal, how much the focus was on physical beauty, particularly from his side, and it was bugging me, because I was like, "If they're really in love, there should be a lot more to it than that." Then I realized that was exactly the point. I love how you repeat the word "pretty"; it should have been a clue, but it's subtle enough that I didn't pick it up. I also like the imagery of "Her sun"/"dying star," obviously referencing the fact that Phoebus's name means "sun." This is just overall brilliantly written. You've ruined the Disney "happily ever after," and yet, I can't help but love what you've done, because of your cleverness and also because real life rarely yields Disney endings. Amazingly done.

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