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for Green Eggs And Ham: If You Love Him Let Him Go

11/16/2020 c1 lha-dzyan 003
The issue about all the Michelle x Guy relationship was mainly to be a bit more conservative towards the parental audience seeing the show with the children as it's for a general audience, so in the end Sam and Guy only end up being close-friends/"bros" while the romance only happens on the straight couple. However it was so blatanly stated from the very beggining, even better hinted at the opening song "Backflip" lines, that the central main story wasn't about the "Green Eggs and Ham" or Guy and Sam getting a true close best-ever friendship between them after it, but was all along Sam trying to woo Guy and allure him into trying something NEW in his life WITH HIM. And he did try most of the time, untill the end when it was so obvious that Michelle was also interested into Guy that he stopped to do so hard as before, and he neverthless, keep going on secretly admiring and loving Guy undercovered by the friendship restrains to not ruin it and avoid him leaving out.

Back in the past this happened a lot, no matter if were one-sided secret romances or totally reciprocated but still very restrained for social cultural conventions and even laws. Now that didn't happens more so, more close-friendships of the same-sex end up being easily going into fully blossomed happy romances that couldn't happened before. Still as the story is for general audience and more children, and a lot of conservative things still rule for those couples or people as main characters, they couldn't do openly that and just hardly imply that Sam always viewed Guy MORE THAN JUST A CLOSE "BRO" FRIEND!

Hopefully for second season, although Sam and Guy will continue their friendship with his adventures together, Sam could get an interesting newer plot device aside from searching for his mother, as he finds or seeks out for a proper boyfriend on his own, and maybe Guy helping him, alongside Michelle and EB into that, as perhaps Sam is soo much stuck with him seeking in vain a change that will never came, that might not try on his own now finding someone else for his life as he wished for. Because that's a real big deal of story that was left unfinished - Sam NEEDS A BOYFRIEND! If Netflix does it right, will be very outstanding and good because so far there have been female lesbian or bisexual, and even non-binary couples on main characters for animated series, however still male same-sex couples barely happen in all and only for secondary characters, if Sam does get a proper male love-mate for good at Season 2 will be a very outstanding hit at history!

He has been doing so great as character so far, you knew he is gay as he gets some traits on the stereotype, however he goes furtherly away of that and he keeps being just another different guy which his traits might not meant he is gay just because of it, just happens to be a part of his own masculine self-way and not because he is gay! So he is gay, but he is both on and beyond the stereotype and thus not is annoying or even a forced-political agenda character but very integral for the story to make it unique and original, because - when have you ever seen a story that revolves about a guy trying hard to said ANOTHER GUY that he is in love with him and wants to be noticed on. Of course, Sam knows he can't state that openly so he implies it all along under the frienship cover and didn't goes away from it in the end, however still HE ATTEMPTED IT! And that's so good, and Sam really deserves to be happy on his own way too.

So far the end of Season 1 was a happy ending for Guy mainly, but Sam STILL NEEDS his own happy ending and for sure, he is into a GUY! (I'll be very pissed out if at Second Season turns out that Sam is straight too or discovers him being bisexual choosing a female character that suddenly appears there when no having any proper male mate for him then. Political correction restrains shouldn't apply now that they already did this bold Season 1 impliements!)
1/11/2020 c1 Guest
This was very well written! I loved your Seuss style of writing too! Very cute :)
12/1/2019 c1 12All Things Animated
Good job!

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