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for Pearls in the Country

12/27/2019 c3 12TheOwlMoth
Thank you so much for your sweet author's note. I have been recovering from things that have happened. Emotional burnouts are terrible.

Anyway, as for the review-I liked this chapter! Masha and Lisa's differing perspectives on boys really makes for great contrast between them, especially since Lisa, one who was initially indifferent to boys, finds her romantic interest in a short time. And I love the little tip of the hat to the song 'Moscow', with Sonya and Natasha requesting that Marya addresses them by simpler names.

The learning about the period thing, though. That was amazing. Lisa was like, "I think I'm dying," and then all of us readers go, "Don't we all?"

Also, surprise! After almost three years of exploring Fanfiction, leaving reviews as a guest and reading without publishing, I have finally made a real account. For Christmas, I got a laptop and I can do so much more on here than I can with my phone. It's like I'm suddenly living the high life.
12/15/2019 c2 OwlLegendary000
Not sure why I revealed all that information to you, to be honest, but I figured, “We’re good friends, guess I can let my feelings out in some way.”
Steven Universe is my emotional support
12/15/2019 c2 OwlLegendary000
Yet again another endearing chapter. And I am glad you like my idea for a Beauty and the Beast AU. Even though KG3 x Eliza is a peculiar ship. But hey, people ship Mariah and Eliza together, so I guess it’s not THAT weird. Hamliza is the most superior ship of all. Also, Josh Groban is an absolute MASTER.

I actually have a really sad story to tell... about my week. My pet died last Monday, and I broke down in the middle of Geometry class, trying to hold it all in. A few days later, my mom and older sister had a “talk” with me, and you know you’re in trouble when someone says “We need to talk.” I won’t reveal what we talked about, because it’s a very sensitive subject involving my divorced parents and my innocence and easily manipulated nature and yadayada...
Yesterday was the worst of all.. my little sister was a part of a parade that I didn’t go to (socialite rituals are weird), and there was a little boy walking next to the float as it drove by. But the boy fell and got run over... The thing is, his dad was the one driving the truck pulling the float. My mom said my sister was hysteric, and today while we went to an ice sculpture exhibit, she revealed to me that the boy had passed away last night. I started crying and not being able to enjoy anything.
Now, here I am, at my kitchen counter drinking chocolate milk and eating corn chips. Mom said it’s for the best that I didn’t witness the boy’s injury, because I wouldn’t be able to handle it. What happened, Christmas? Weren’t you supposed to be more lovely?

Anyway, I hope you are having a good week. Protect Sonya forever and make her a character of Romeo and Juliet.
11/27/2019 c1 Guest
I flipped out when I saw that you updated. So HAPPY! *does a little dance*
Okay, sorry about that. I’m just happy that you’re not dead. And it’s so great to see you get into The Great Comet of 1812. Masha and Lisa are both sweet girls, but when I saw the name “Masha”, I instantly thought of a show my little sisters used to watch, called ‘Masha and Bear’. Actually, I know that it’s a Russian show, taking place in some woods with a small, curious girl named Masha and a fatherly bear who lives alone. I sometimes just paid attention to the show when I was bored. Back to the Russian aspect—props to you for using a Russian name for your OC!
The idea that Natasha and Hélène have daughters due to bad decisions is actually smart. Natasha would have to suffer the consequences from treating poor Sonya the way she did in ‘Sonya and Natasha’. Also, Sonya’s my favorite character, she’s the only character with any sense. Romeo and Juliet really needed her, Oof.

I’ve been waiting for you to update, because I really want to ask your opinion on something; you’re an active author for the Hamilton fandom, so this is why I’m asking you in particular. Anyway, a bit of background: I recently rewatched the animated Beauty and the Beast, and the next morning, I was putting on my makeup for school, and a bizarre idea came to me. “What if I wrote a parody of Beauty and the Beast, except it’s Hamilton characters?”
Another reason I’m asking you is because you wrote a kingdom AU for Hamilton, ‘Turn This Spark Into a Flame’. Of course, the most obvious choice for lovely Belle is Eliza, they have a lot in common. Now, I wanted to use King George for the Beast because a) He’s King George, and b) He’s a rupee, like the Beast. But this makes me concerned about shipping, because KG3 doesn’t get shipped with anyone besides Seabury. I just wanted to ask your opinion, whether or not it’s a good idea, before I start writing it with no cares.

I’m excited to see more of this story. Masha and Lisa are really charming (oH hOw ShE bLuShEs HoW sHe BLuShEs—)

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