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for NGE: Screams of Nightmares

6/12/2022 c17 Something1234
I've got to say this is incredibly good. Amazingly good. It's got some really good cosmic horror, while including the blue orange morality that I expect from such a work. You obviously know Evangelion, and I look forward to the next chapter.
5/20/2022 c1 Guest
Hoy queria hacerte una pregunta , en realidad es muchas preguntas en 1 sola cuestion: que pasa con las especies y otros seres ademas de los Dioses Primigenios , tambien van a aparecer , van a enfrentarse a los personajes de Evangelion , que papel tendran en la historia en futuros capitulos ?

Y eso incluye tambien conceptos que no son especies ni personajes : Dimensiones paralelas , digo , ademas de The Dreamlands , que ya aparecio , y la Magia y diferentes grimorios y hechizos
5/18/2022 c6 Guest
Cuando Armisael aparezca he pensado que Kassogtha es un posible contrincante y contraparte equivalente para el Angel , es una idea de mi parte
3/9/2022 c18 Guest
Can't wait for next chapter, keep up the good work .
2/27/2022 c18 asadad
good chapter, continue the story please
1/28/2022 c18 Dead account 400 dbrgrd
"This isn't a bout Dick, Damien"
"It wasn't your fault Damien"
1/27/2022 c18 Ruby Rose
I want to see the talk between Asuka and her mother.
1/27/2022 c4 Guest
I wantrd to ask you to continue this Crossover Fanfiction and to Dont waste such a marvelous story that Only you and no One else has written like you, after all Only you written something diferent than What it is the plot of the other two Crossover Fanfiction between Cthulu Mythos and Neo Genesis Evangelion

Only you and no One else can loose his interest, no One can take aeay your dedication From yourself
1/26/2022 c18 2Draguardian
Love the direction of the story so far. However, I'm still seeing a lot of spelling and word errors. As a self proclaimed book worm something like that can really grate on the nerves as I try to figure out what you were actually writing
1/26/2022 c18 alex1232
This is the most interesting evangelion fanfic I've read. It's so different from all the others... in a good way. Usually I don't read crossovers but I'm glad the other day I decided to see what was going on in the Eva crossovers section... keep up the good work.
1/26/2022 c18 2The Shadowscythe
Good sir you have no idea how happy I am to see this tale continue after your encounter with the shittier side of our community.

I myself had to deal with a Ukrainian "fan" who made next to no sense and plastered me with over 200 message requests and reviews in less than an hour and as I eventually went through the motions of blocking that account, they then jumped over to a back up account to continue harassing me (which I then also blocked) and the process continued for another three days and 12 more back up accounts for them to eventually ask me if I wanted to write their "OC donut steel" characters into my Neon Genesis Evangelion/Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun crossover and the experience left much the same marks upon myself as it had upon you.

I will admit, I am wondering how you will tie in the other elements of the Mythos such as the usual cults, other outer, elder and eldritch gods and eventually if any other, more mundane horrors from beyond will start to "leak" through into the story.

So again, thank you so much for not abandoning this story. The way you have weaved the elements together and subverted the characters expectations in universe has been a bloody brilliant read from the beginning and I am looking forward to a damn good read until the end.
1/25/2022 c18 8T-Biggz
YOU sick utterly Disturbed genius. Please tell me that there's going to be more of this?! I'm holding my breath literally every time I read one of these chapters.
1/25/2022 c18 3Marcus Galen Sands
I'm really pleased to see this continued. Thanks for the great work.
1/25/2022 c1 2Angel lara451
So review. The chapter is interesting I’m not gonna lie I’m kinda surprised, Asuka seem…kinda calm to be honest which it’s interesting. But even so she’s still has that fire in her. It felt odd that Shinji didn’t like slap her hand away because let’s be real, that’s really inappropriate for her to do. I mean I know he doesn’t think how a normal human thinks but still you’d think he’d at least push her hand away.
Now Ngl the chapter seemed to be a bit too short but I know this is the build up to what’s happening. So I can’t wait to see more.
1/25/2022 c18 2CapitalClassShip
An Update thank you for this Kind Gift!
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