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for NGE: Screams of Nightmares

1/15/2022 c18 Revan.Sheppard
That sucks the story had to end this way. I'm sorry with all the harassment you got from that trash guest account. I really did enjoy this story.

As for the trash account, if you have any form of reading comprehension. GO FUCK A CACTUS.
1/15/2022 c1 batras
dios mío no puedo creer que está genial historia que realmente me encantó se haya ido a la mierda por culpa de un ridículo que no podía simplemente escribir su propia mierda y dejar a alguien escribir lo que quieres gracias compañero hispano parlante como siempre no te puedes quedar callado y simplemente leer y ser feliz y por lo que se ve no tienes ni siquiera el valor de hacerte una cuenta y ponerlo con tu nombre para que no te tiren mierda es triste que se acabe de esta manera pero bueno una lastima sinceramente ojalá encuentres en tí poder seguir está historia gracias
1/15/2022 c17 notanyone19
well fuck, I liked this quite a bit, one of the only stories that truly caught how the lovecraft universe would be in a different setting
1/14/2022 c18 Plutodo
1/14/2022 c18 5Nerf585
I get the feeling he did that on purpose. Damn toxic assholes
1/14/2022 c18 Guest
Pls continue this story on space battles.
1/13/2022 c18 2Angel lara451
Ohh this story was so awesome, I legit don’t want it to end dude. Look I know it’s your decision an all but please for the love of god don’t quiet on this story because of some annoying ass reviewer. I legit want read more.

I know it’s your decision an all, but please dork stop this.
1/13/2022 c18 4JaphetSkie
Just stop posting here on Fanfiction. You have a Spacebattles account, so just continue writing there.
1/13/2022 c18 The Perfect Getaway
That guest reviewer maybe a turdbucket but that happens when you post your works in public. You will get feedbacks both positive and negative, constructive criticism and rambling from insane people.
Too bad that instead of making steps to block the reviews, you let it get to you and just gave up, letting that person have the last laugh.
1/13/2022 c18 doomqwer
well shit I quite enjoyed this story and was really looking forward to how the angel NERV team up would play.
1/13/2022 c18 Anagennisi
In the off-chance you will read this message, as a fan of your story, I wish to offer you an apology for the toxic guest reviewers of this website, and thank you for the story you provided up to this point.

I am sorry that "The Spanish Reviewer" ruined your enthusiasm for this story with thoughtless, vapid criticisms and story suggestions.

This story is fantastic, and one of the most enjoyable and interesting takes on the Evangelion fandom I have ever seen. It is of a rare and high quality for this website, and a very thoughtful combination of the Cthulhu mythos and Evangelion. There is little else I can say otherwise.

Thank you for writing it. And thank you for sharing your vision with us.

Live long and prosper.
1/13/2022 c18 JaphetSkie
I really liked this story, as it is an interesting twist compared to the normal NGE plot. But you can probably just continue this fic in Spacebattles and stop posting in this site, my guy.

To the Spanish asshole that spams "reviews", vete a la mierda. I hope you're happy about this.
1/13/2022 c18 8T-Biggz
To the asshole responsible for killing one of the best cosmic horror experience on this platform: if I ever find you, I will use your severed, shrunken head as a dremcatcher when I'm done skull fucking you!
To the author: no matter what that inbred illiterate thought of your work, it was amazing and I will eagerly await the next piece of work you come up with.
Stay weird Fam!
1/13/2022 c18 Blackholelord
Considering how mad you got to be at this point. I am not even sure if you will ever read this, but here it goes...

I am annoyed but I can understand that some of these guys can get annoying enough to cause this issue with writers. First, I want to say for the crossover attempt it was rather good for such an attempt. NGE is almost a standard plot idea these days, not much is changed between stories, you added a very unique twist to bring in Cthulhu Mythos element into the storyline, and made it work.

Agree with your reaction to adding stuff like Godzilla into the story. It had no place in the story. Besides there are already crossovers between the two elements. As adding more, can actually ruin a story plot and cause its eventual crash, a rather common theme for many of the stories on the site.

Understanding, but sorry for the end of the story. It was well made until the very end.
1/13/2022 c18 5Hedgehog of Time
Sorry about this, dude. I really enjoyed this story but I understand why you're discontinuing it. Hope you find something else to spark your inspiration and interest. Aufedersein.
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