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for Die Another Day

4/2 c5 eastmeetsfist
Liking it, keep it up!
curious about when Lith will begin enacting his revenge, probably already planning it.
3/25 c5 InCK
when's next chapter coming out?
3/12 c1 RandomCoolGuy
Damnit, I shouldn't have gotten so invested in this fic. Aaaaaaaaa I need to consume more chapters. It ran out too fast for me. This is actually really interesting. I hope you update.
2/15 c5 Ravenm
If you are looking for beta you should crosspost this in more sites like Spacebattles.
I really like the premise of this story and the conflict you are creating between the characters and their circumstances but in chapter 4 I felt that it was too sudden for the Professor to tell him that he was going to get groomed for anarchy, he should have been more cunning to not to scare off the kid.
1/31 c5 StonerMcWeedPot
Goddamn was this good. I wish I’d waited before more chapters had been released before reading tho. Looking forward to more.
1/22 c5 Dased22
Great chapter mang
1/20 c5 6Sacchin
This is looking good so far! I like how you're explaining the setting through our main character's eyes, it adds that flavor to it.
1/19 c5 ALEX99999
I would like to help, but my English is terrible.
I'm glad to see that you had a waifu prepared and it's a very promising one, I see an interesting development in your future.
Thanks for the chapter, see you next year
1/19 c5 Poharan
woho! new episode, new perspective is always welcome, but also, if you want write a elf, must have present they live thousands of year, so see the day to day is something redundant, stablish some allies (friend) or enemies, stablish the plot and start the story.
what i recomennd... world build, give Lith an objetive or push Lith get an objetive, i suppose after the poison try i thinked he became something paranoic or obsesive with magic for defense himself.
Good job!
1/19 c5 7FractiousDay
You might want to be more explicit about what's going on, who's done what, that sort of thing. It can be necessary sometimes to lead the reader along with your narrative and have various sign posts as you go. This is also fairly difficult to do subtly though as one ends up writing 'dave, the general' again and again to remind the reader who particular characters are who haven't shown up in a while.

Regarding perspective, this chapter was fine, but consider why you want the perspective there. What is the purpose of the experiment? What does it attempt to prove? We don't get a significant amount of information from this new perspective that we couldn't get through internal monologue. Furthermore, a more limited perspective allows you to restrict the reader's information and means you don't have to have already worked stuff out. From the reader's perspective events not presented haven't happened.
1/18 c5 Qwertypip
I would just like to say that this is one of my favorite Warcraft fanfics (top 2 or 3) despite how short it currently is. The concept is interesting and the execution of the early parts is well done. However, the novelty probably makes the story tricky to write, as there isn't much lore to draw on for this time period. You might want to set up a discord server, even if only a few people join it's better to have some more input on the plot and/or world building. I hope the main character is able to at least get one friend here in sylvia even if they don't hit it off immediately. I'm guessing maybe there will be a minor confrontation of some kind (Lith is very paranoid atm, and rightly so as everyone is out to get him) and they will become closer because of it.
1/18 c5 Fabricator General Thres'ri
This chapter was great. Seeing the arrogant Highborne girl realize that she wasn't all important was really amusing. And a bit relieving to see that the mc wouldn't try to suck up to her, but instead focusing on the most important thing; magic.
1/18 c5 tamagat
time to learn the game of subtletly, study the highbornes that surrounds you, show them what they want to see of you, then you could predict their actions easier said than done but thats one way forward in the name of survival.
1/18 c5 Blackhawk43
Great chapter! I can’t wait for the next one. I like the POV switch!
1/18 c5 3DIOS de la Nada
When everyone has expectations about you of how you are going to save the empire. But you know the future and you've already jumped on the ship of: all of you go to hell, I save myself
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