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8/17 c6 Guest
People don't name their kids Yahweh, but Jesus is a common Spanish name. As a part of the Trinity, Jesus is the Christian God. Or that's the mainstream view anyway, there are also nontrinitarian Christians.
8/17 c5 Guest
Vile slander! Lyra is too a proper Gryffindor! Selflessly protecting the damsel in distress (Draco) at the risk of her own life instead of undoing Cissy's spell or insisting on it being cast on some random passer-by is Harry Potter levels of gallantry!
7/18 c90 35Kirbilius Clausius
You manage to actually write pschopathy as a disability, instead of an excuse to make the 'villain' do evil things. "I don't get this person's motivation. I know I don't have a normal sense of empathy, so let me think. I like hurting people and expending myself to my limits, and I'm offering her the same exact chance. So she should accept it and be grateful. Instead, she's not entertaining the offer. But I put myself in her shoes, and that's what people without my disability say I should do. I'm getting madder by the moment."
6/27 c90 Fast Frank
So much fun, excellent chapter.
6/29 c90 RedKol
Binge reading this story may not have been the best idea I've ever had but I'm glad I did. I wish I could say I dislike the way you've developed Hermione but on second (and third etc) thought it probably makes the most sense for the relationship between her and Lyra to fail. I just wish that the person who Lyra looks like she's ultimately going to end up with was basically anyone else. Heh.
That aside, I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire series up to this point, even if it does look like more words were put into the First Task than most stories have period.
6/27 c90 1brnicholas
That was a surprise! I saw Teenage Relationship Drama and was expecting more Hermione angst. Instead Draco might have gotten a clue and Lyra was angsting. Thank you!
6/26 c90 mockury
Excellent, the best series has updates!
6/16 c84 1Kakatoes

Interesting development, I don't remember if there were major foreshadowing for this, but yeah I can see it happening.
It's way too credible.

Thanks for the chappy, keep up the good work.

Cheers :D
6/1 c89 2Chairman LoneStar
This story has been one of the best rides I've been on since joining FF way back when. You two are amazing at weaving together a complete tale with enjoyable characters all around and I'm excited for whenever your next chapter comes out. Y'all are amazing, keep it up!
5/26 c82 1Kakatoes
I'm really eagerly waiting for the fallout, the multi viewpoint was nice for the task but it was feeling superfluous at the end with the most of the thread coming to an end.

A more streamlined and chronological viewpoint is appealing right now.

that was a really interesting first task each character getting its own fight to win by their strength.

thank you for the hard work
5/23 c89 Fast Frank
Wonderful chapter. I think Bella 'forgot' to give Lyra the warning to keep moving, precisely to have Lyra stop seeing her as a role model.
5/22 c89 asdasd
So much explaining. Paragraphs worth of text on things that could've been shown in one paragraph or told in a few sentences. Other than that, the story is processing nicely. A quick tip, A dash would be much better than brackets – which can be used effectively for the same thing – for it flows better when reading than brackets.

I usually write it with ctrl and -, but fanfiction net doesn't support that. Easy way to write it is by holding alt and typing 0150.
5/23 c89 8Ryo Oh Ki7
LOVE love love
5/22 c89 XM312
Hermione just got seduced by a bubbly teenage Nazgul, she's totally normal
5/22 c89 3theflowofmusic
Poor Hermione. Sure, she's being a tad high-strung over all of this stuff with Lyra lately, but that's...also a lot of stuff.
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