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5/6/2021 c51 erebea
Yay, i finally caught up, that was a hell of a ride, the entire 3 books has surpassed the original HP books in words already i think. Definitely one of my favorite fics ever with the world building and characters, though did anybody ever told you guys that reading from Hermione's POV can be really exhausting? which seems to nail her character very well but still really exhausting, though it got better as the story progressed or I have gotten used to it I dunno. Anyway hope you guys are planning to update soon seeing as it's May and the last update seemed to be Jan, especially just before the first task too T_T, which btw it's already 500k words and it's still November, not that I mind, more to read and stuff, but still hilarious, (I thought the story would be completed when I first started it last week and saw the word count).
4/17/2021 c51 Daude4592d
I love (re)reading this story.
One weird question came in mind: given that the acromantula are sapient, could one of them dedicate themself to a god? Like, a justice or vengeance god? (They are, after all, being exterminated)
4/7/2021 c10 dveth
It's weird how I enjoy reading this story despite hating pretty much every character.
2/22/2021 c51 Aetheldreda
I have just reread this fic again and I love it so much. I love the that the story building here is more in depth and interesting than the original. I love that there are real consequences for characters' (read Lyra's) actions. I love that being queer is maybe the least dramatic part of the story. It's so easy to love all of these characters, the ones you two have created and the ones you've reimagined, and the story as a whole. You could give me a 40,000 word chapter of Lyra in Prof. Binn's class and I would read and enjoy every bit of that.
Thanks for writing and sharing!
2/19/2021 c51 allora
I have, as they say, caught up. The horror. Really good story, can't wait for the next chapter. Lyra's personality is awesome and the chaos she sows is really entertaining. Maybe too many info dumps and politics, I've actually skipped multiple paragraphs more than once because they are a dry as legal texts before you click I accept but anyway, the rest of the content makes up for it. I just think you use too much time and effort writing overly complicated political structures cause no-one, at least no-one with my face remembers them at the end of the chapter.

And then there's repeated information so many times, explaining the same things with different words for different characters.

Awesome story still and a good book to read after reading the Black princess series. Not as good as them in quality, but the story itself along with the characters stands up rather well, if not better in some aspects.
2/17/2021 c17 hahahah
This story falls to the oh-so-common trope same-sex relationship stories so often fall. Though this story's main focus isn't the relationship aspect.

But anyway, the trope is that you make every couple a gay couple. Really, there isn't a single heterosexual couple to be seen, at least not in the main cast or side cast for that matter. Not that it is a problem or anything for me, just makes the story a bit less believable. If there were that many homosexuals in society on average over a time span, that society would die of due to the lack of babies. Though I guess every character here is more bi, rather than straight-up gay.

Loving the Lyra-Hermione and Harry-Blaze pairings, even if Harry is portrayed as a wimpy little loser who can't say a full sentence without blushing and stuttering like a thrice beaten dog.
2/18/2021 c51 37Kirbilius Clausius
The first fic had me hooked and the summer was good. This...I get that there has to be a payoff for the destruction of inviting the other judges and political entitites but it gets in the way of _why_ to read _this_. The sell is Lyra wrecking havoc and the reactions to Lyra wrecking havoc...not so much the havoc itself. So keeping track of nationalists, ICW expansions...everything that gets introduce introduces another hurdle. Plus there's a healthy dose of 'fanfiction is for fans' and this isn't more of these characters, it's more of _your_ characters.

But Lyra and what was done with the other characters and the, mm, good.
1/22/2021 c51 Pat
Salut jaimai ton histoire
1/14/2021 c29 2Viki Vilkinson
Lily Evans as the Spirit of Knowledge is beautiful! But not in the form of a book. A Spirit of Knowledge with a specialization in necromancy and high rituals will be suitable as a receptacle for a skull. Maybe crystal. Raven, too, but the skull is better. Perhaps a staff of goblin silver in the shape of a spine, surmounted by a skull...
1/13/2021 c32 Cold Amarok
they are cute together but without changes on both sides probably won't work hour in the long term but as you said a few chapters ago they are 14.
1/11/2021 c18 Cold Amarok
that game sounds amazing! I enjoy tabletop games I enjoy board games I enjoy computer games and that sounds like the ultimate combination of all three
1/5/2021 c51 Fast Frank
That was fun. I rather liked seeing Molly et al. put in their place.
1/5/2021 c51 GrAWouu
It is the first time i comment on your sories (I speak French as a first language), but I have to tell you that I enjoy reading it a lot! I can not wait for the following chapters.

I like the humourful spirit of this chapter and the precedent. As a Qu├ębec citizen, I can somewhat relate with the separatist and I find it interesting too.

Thank you for writing this excellent story,l

1/4/2021 c51 kaliyuga19
So Arse Britannia strikes again.
1/4/2021 c50 1Laurel G. White
AHHHHHHHH I can't believe I've caught up with this story! I binge read ALL of it in the last two weeks and I am in tatters knowing that I'm going to have to wait instead of inhaling the rest of this incredible take. Absolutely in love with an utterly mad Lyra and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the Tournament is going to play out - I don't think I've ever read a fanfic where the Tasks have been twisted up this much and I am living for it!
I completely empathize with the exhausting, disheartening fight against depression (and all the blocks that accompany it). It is an awful thing that I'd never wish upon anyone. I've followed this story and going to be sending warm thoughts for you guys, in hopes that your next chapters are smoother sailing.
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