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10/10/2020 c45 windoverwaves
'Except maybe Snape, because who would dare?'

10/9/2020 c28 windoverwaves
Come on, Harry and Sirius, how could you missed Angel basically admitting Flamel is alive, and Sarah was Slytherin?
10/9/2020 c28 windoverwaves
Wait wait wait Angel called Sarah Salvi

Didn't she call slytherin that a while back?

*brain explodes*
10/4/2020 c47 Fast Frank
Nicodeme makes "Not Professor Riddle" seem a bit moderate. Makes you wonder how Magical France survived at all.
10/5/2020 c37 Shirabe
Is there any reason why Daphne and Tracey have not joined the dueling club?

Also this site (fanfiction . net) should make a comment section
10/4/2020 c47 hojosatoko
Can anyone explain to me what the heck is headcannon
10/4/2020 c47 XM312
Sometimes I wonder why this site has a review chapter function. Most everyone clearly uses it to comment on the chapter and most reviews are on the story as a whole.

Anyway, thanks for the chapter. Hermione being related to insert magical family here isn't a new thing of course, but I don't think there is anything wrong with it as a side story. You have clearly been planning it for some time anyway and even if you do decide to make some cliche inheritance thing happen, it's going to be better implemented than 99.99% of other stories with a similar concept.
10/1/2020 c16 windoverwaves
Wait wait wait, Queen Victoria? What the fuck Lyra? Didn't she died in 1901 or something?
9/29/2020 c19 2TaylorMade
"Apparently, Ravenclaw's inheritance had been complicated somewhat when Rowena had simply vanished one day, when she hadn't yet been quite properly old for a witch"


Is Ravenclaw a metamorph too?

Also, thank you for including an autistic character who feels things and doesn't present like a fucking robot. Thanks for including that his sensory processing disorder includes food tastes/textures and making him relatable and not alien, even when he feels alienated. And thanks for writing in other characters respecting him and not just fucking babysitting him as if he's incapable of doing anything by himself.

Seriously, when "The Good Doctor" was first advertised as a new show, I had hope. I thought, "The Autistic Character Got Through Med School! They MUST have written him properly!" Nope. Got the rude, thoughtless robot boy with superficial, purely reactionary and unnecessarily volitile emotions with No Depth. The only stereotype you didn't shatter was the idea that almost all autistic people are dudes. But I get why this one needed to be male - to shatter the flat persona stereotype first.

Maybe next time it can be a Muggleborn girl who is autistic and she can be offended by the term "spastic" and then pause and mutter something to the effect of "Well, I guess I get that, though... What with the way we're falsely portrayed in the fucking media..."

Just a thought, not telling you what to do. Actually, I babbled longer than I meant to about it. Just meant to say thanks.
9/21/2020 c27 Shirabe
Lyra should experiment with magic and muggle tech to combined it into something amazing and seemingly impossible
9/15/2020 c46 Fast Frank
So very enjoyable. A possible explanation of canon's curious lack of Voldemort's contemporaries.
"...a cheap sea-insect masquerading as proper food." is a gem. Although I personally like lobster and prawns.
9/13/2020 c28 KeinNiemand
I hope the reason for harry bering in the tournament is different then in Canon otherwise I see a huge pothole here. Why would the death eaters use Harry's blood to enter him into a tournament just to get him to touch the cup to portkey to the graveyard to revive not professor Riddle. This plan was already stupid in Canon it would have been way easier to just kidnap harry or turn something else he is going to touch into a portkey but here they already had Harry's blood to enter him into the tournament so why use his blood to get his blood?
9/2/2020 c45 Fast Frank
Should be fun to see what Neville can do, plant wise. (Being an old FFXI player, I've fought my fair share of plant critters.)
8/29/2020 c44 Fast Frank
More fun! "The Light" spreading false propaganda about Greyback? I'm shocked! Shocked! :)
8/30/2020 c45 HonksOTP
I quite liked 45 and I hope the task lives up to all the building tension. This year is going to be huge with how many tasks are still to come if any of them have nearly this kind of setup.
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