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9/16/2021 c48 3Hankton
even without anti kinetic spells there are what like 1k or more aurors? I think I remember one of the riddle b Ella vs aurors fights had a lot.

Just sending them to trash power relay stains ave cut power and phone lines could shut the country down. add in gas stains and bridges? add there's no way the entire icw wouldn't respond if the treaty was broken? unless countries hire America mercenaries? historically ironic

and high ritual seems perfect to make infectious zombiesand stuff like that.
9/16/2021 c48 Hankton
do mages really not have any spells to slow or redirect projectiles?

A enchantment that converts kinetic energy of objects traveling a certain speed relative to the object into more magical energy? can kinetic energy be subsumed?

or a charm that reverses Kinetic energy of an object over a certain threshold to return bullets.
9/16/2021 c47 Hankton
how does communist type philosophy look in the magical world? is it more a social thing than economic?

Most stuff made in the magical world seems like custom enchantments so not really ready for communist type economic policy
9/15/2021 c80 XM312
That was a pretty impressive way to end the fight. Observers might not look to kindly on Arte, but I bet Lyra's going to be 100% up for a rematch. Also more fuel for Hermione's infatuation with her girlfriend and related acceptance of the Dark.
9/13/2021 c78 Fast Frank
Two more short, but glorious chapters. :)
9/15/2021 c11 Hankton
she's fun
9/14/2021 c79 2steamrick
Well, that riot has got to have a significant death count... too many curses thrown around carelessly for something to not have landed.
9/14/2021 c78 Inoeth
Wow. That was a properly crazy event- and as you so noted clearly there's some fighting left to be done and then the aftermath. Great job and I look forward to seeing how this is wrapped up before the next crazy thing happens.
9/12/2021 c75 Fast Frank
Very good.
9/12/2021 c74 Fast Frank
Chaos, and not the good kind. :)
9/13/2021 c78 3theflowofmusic
Hmm, I've forgotten - why did Harry need to be the one crowned again? Did each school have to select a team member to be the designated person to be crowned before the start of the task?
9/10/2021 c73 Fast Frank
History teaches us that the time of greatest vulnerability is the moment of apparent victory. Two exciting and very well written chapters.
9/9/2021 c72 5Debate4life
You’ve once more made my day
9/9/2021 c71 Fast Frank
For some reason, the reviews I'm posting aren't being recorded.
9/8/2021 c71 Fast Frank
Now I suppose Team Hogwarts will set up an obvious distraction to cover the real distraction. There seems to be a delay in the reviews I'm posting reaching the reviews page.
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