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for The Dominion War 1 - Betazed's Fall

11/27/2019 c2 28Iniki Melset
I've read the two chapters as a unit and enjoyed the reading experience: excellent portrayal of the characters and their reactions, you have managed to make each one true to form, even to the language patterns.

The scenario is well thought out; Starfleet had gone soft, is not able to react promptly to extraneous threats anymore. I fear they have become too caught up in their ideal of IDIC, have forgotten that the Federation may have good alliances, but that th universe is vast with any number of potential enemies and attackers. Ideals do not win wars. Research and military have to be kept separate: defensive capabilities and scientific research have to be kept separate. Scientists for the most part are not combatants.

Kudos for addressing this fact; hardly anyone seems to ever consider it.

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