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8/18 c8 76Rushstar32
Seems Peter still has resentment towards the fire nation. I sure hope Aang is prepared for what he is about to see (How will it go down now with peter in the mix)

Prepare the tissues everyone, things are about to go down at that air temple.

Another Great Chapter Fury :)
8/18 c8 20Death Fury
great chapter
5/1 c7 12The Story's Shadow
(Change his complexion? I don't remember that.)

Iroh...despite Peter's experience and skill, I don't think Iroh would've been trapped that easy. I mean, yeah he's far from being in great shape, but he's a veteran firebender and warrior. He was taught and given wisdom by the dragons, so I feel that Peter would've had more trouble than that.

I still feel that his Force shouldn't be this strong. It would be weakened at the point, given he's been here for weeks at this point. So I don't think he'd be able to kill all of them with the Force. (Not trying to discredit your opinion or what you've written, I just feel that this is a bit off.)

Zuko, he is very coordinated and his unfocused anger does make him sloppy. But his fire's no joke.

Huh, surprised he healed him.

(You still need to give Aang his fight scenes and moments, to help him grow and learn as he did in the series rather than Peter taking the fight himself in key scenes from the episodes. Not saying he shouldn't fight, but let Aang have his moments to showcase his place in the series and his potential.)
4/30 c7 76Rushstar32
Peter you got some explaining to do to Team Avatar.

Also, you triggered Iroh with talking about losing family.

They must be heading to the temple Aang was raised...oh boy things are going to get emotional, better prepare the tissues.

Great Chapter Fury :)
2/28 c6 Guest
Very interesting.
keep up the good work
2/25 c6 12The Story's Shadow
(So sorry for the late review.)

(Just bringing up some thoughts.)

Hmm, I'm uncertain about what to say about Zuko thinking Peter might be the Avatar. Granted, Peter doesn't have the same complexion as a member of the Southern Water Tribe, but Zuko at so early a point in the story wouldn't really care.

Zuko isn't the best fighter of the series, but his anger does drive him. Fire is fierce and Peter would be grievously hurt by it despite his healing factor. Though Peter's ruse might fall flat when Iroh shows up and senses something is off about Peter.

Curious to see what's next.
2/24 c6 76Rushstar32
That was an epic battle. Also, LOVE the hulk reference right there, that is my favorite scene in the first Avengers movie :). I hope Katara, Sokka and Aang save Peter. I hope Peter meets Iroh too :)!

That was a epic amazing chapter :)
2/22 c5 12The Story's Shadow
(So sorry for the late review.)

Did Peter really not believe Aang's not an Air Bender or was he just being a dick?

Aang doesn't impress Peter personality-wise, not yet at least, but what he will come to see should.

Yeah, Sokka won't probably ever be able to beat Peter...and least he shouldn't. If for some reason Black Panther couldn't, I severely doubt Sokka could.

I thought the Light Sabers wouldn't work here? They shouldn't at least? Did I forget and/or am I missing something?

Here comes Zuko.
2/20 c5 76Rushstar32
Peter is a great mentor to Sokka. Also, Aang found out he was in a hundred year sleep..good news he hasn't gone avatar state there, so Katara, Sokka and Peter will bring him up to speed...right after the Fire Nation battle...which will be epic!

Here comes Iroh and Zuko :)!
2/20 c5 harisnorw
2/12 c4 Mogor
Very good chapter. I love it. Please update soon more of this great story.
2/11 c4 12The Story's Shadow
(I just edited some, but you're welcome.)

And soon it begins.

The Avatar is one of the most powerful beings Peter has ever met and will ever meet. Being able to draw upon his/her past lives through concentration and/or the Avatar State whilst being able to bend all the elements/energies, makes him/her a force of nature (literally).

Aang will remind Peter of his younger self, but with much more power and perhaps even hope. In ways, he will be wiser than Peter ever was and yet still have that same spark the Aang we know has/had.
2/11 c4 76Rushstar32
Aang has arrive :)! Even Peter can see the romance between Aang and Katara ;). That means Zuko and Iroh are not to far behind. I can't wait to see how that battle turn out :)! Great Chapter Fury :)!
1/22 c1 2Amit Barabi
can you write a crossover between Ben 10 and Avatar?
here is an idea, let's say that teenager Ben fought Hex while an army of Vilgax robots happened to assault the planet.
Hex spell sent all of the robots (most of them were destroyed and the one Ben didn't destroy was already too damaged to do more than walking) and Ben to the world of avatar.
the robots (or more accurately what was left from them) landed near to the fire nation capital 3 years before Aang woke up and Ben (for some reason) landed near to the northern air temple a day before team avatar got there.
so the fire nation has some alien technology which they are going to start using from the end of season 1 and to make things worse Ben only has access to his first 10 original transformations only with Swampfire replacing Heatblast and Upgrade is replaced by an original alien I made named Elf Health.

if you want I can help you with this.
1/14 c3 Mogor
Update this story please.
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