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9/15 c6 Guest
Great work like always! Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/10 c4 Guest
6/22 c5 Guest
Glad to see another update! Looking forward to reading more.
5/31 c4 6Kalann
I like your story very much and I'd like to see some more. Keep up the good work!
4/6 c4 Guest
I'm and old fan of B5 and definitely will jump on cross-overs of other intelligent scifi shows wondering what possibilities other people might have seen made possible by the rules of suspension of disbelief - meaning that the rules of one reality, made visible within the show's 5 seasons and movies, which are ALL available to the knowledge of a Time Lord, even though by entering at season one, with Commander Sinclair still in charge of the space station

Sinclair was my preference between the two Commanders, though Sheriden did grow on me.

I am wondering what has specifically drawn The Doctor to this Time.

By showing up when he did, the entirety of the Babylon 4 disappearing into the past is already a FIXED point the moment The Doctor meets Sinclair and the moment he meets or looks up any information about the Mimbari.

I hope i see more of this fiction.

I am bey interested. Properly done What Ifs that don't rush their fences for a payoff that is less than it could have been.

Really good job so far.

Darth Reh
3/7 c4 GUEST
I love this story. Do you think the Doctor would be slightly offended by the genetical tampering both Vorlons and Shadows made, and the time-loop thing the Vorlons did with Babylon 4? That last thing could be used to explain this slightly different Tenth Doctor.
2/11 c1 11Independent Dude
Interesting idea - having the Shadows be more like the good guys?
One question - where can I find the To Boldly Go story?
2/9 c4 Guest
Great to see this still being continued. Looking forward to the next chapter!
2/10 c4 16Almadynis Rayne
Oh yeah, 'test' the Doctor. See how _that_ turns out for them! LMAO
Brief Invanova, but pleasant all the same. Wonder how DeLenn, Lyr, and the others will react to him. giggles
2/4 c3 Almadynis Rayne
I'd wondered when Kosh and/or Shadows would show up.
You've written what I've thought many times over the years, since I first discovered B5.
Excellent start! I look forward to where you take it.
2/4 c2 Almadynis Rayne
giggles Yeah... Doc on a been-taken-into-custody high.
Though, surprised that UNIT records aren't available...?
2/4 c1 Almadynis Rayne
LOL - Good luck to Garibaldi! Just wait until Ivonava gets into the mix...I'm already laughing at the mental image.
12/7/2019 c3 Guest
Liking the story, quite mysterious.
12/8/2019 c3 6CzarZelinsky
The Kosh/Doctor interaction I've always wanted. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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