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3/15 c38 Naomi Nguyen
Boring fight scenes. Too much rambling to justify a childish, plot convenient armour, over powered, Dumbledore inspired, arrogant, hypocritical Ichigo who tries to justify every one of his petty actions. It's like if someone offends/betrays you go ahead and throw a fit and slaughter everyone. Pathetic. Immature. Nothing likeable about this sad antihero story. The only thing stopping people from murdering everyone and everything are morals, virtues, and not this pathetic excuse that everything is relative or based on perspective. This is what's wrong with the whole world now: privileged, entitlement, selfishness, pride, blaming others for our actions, and believing we deserve more/better from strangers when in reality over 6 billion people don't even know or care that you exist. Naruto tried and did it best with the whole cycle of continuous hatred based off people taking a self-righteous high road to cut down others for their ideals for a better world. Truth is the world would be so much better if people were humble, realized they are nothing special, nobody owes you anything, the world doesn't revolve around you, share if you can, and learn to be content/grateful for what little you have. Sorry but this story was too selfish/morally confused or absent/victimizing/kill all who annoy you/just no. If all is relative/perspective and morals are worthless what stops anyone from the worse acts of depravity? Why stop someone from justifying murder, stealing, rape, or cheating? Why stop people from commiting suicide? It's their choice, if there is no God, and no standard of righteousness or justice. Just sit back while we stew in confusion: not even gender or math is certain anymore if you can justify to change it. This festers insecurities, anxiety, and depression in the world as a whole. Desensitized, unfeeling, and uncaring of any suffering of others around you. Zombified and staring at the news and the chaos of the world; seeking distractions and little moments of happiness in TV shows, sports, sex/porn, games, drugs, fanfics, and etc...only to be left just as dead/empty as before. Wow! Sorry for the soapbox, but this story pulled out the worse introspection moments for me like one large rabbit hole of what's wrong with me and that other people share in the same basic issues even if they deny it or refuse any responsibility for their feelings which become thoughts that then shift to actions.
12/31/2020 c70 2KuramKitsunea
Holy fuck, one of the best bleach fanfics I’ve ever read.
10/10/2020 c42 Katerina2001
Gino wasn't dead?
10/10/2020 c33 Katerina2001
technically it is a "stupid comic books" and he could find "another way"...
10/5/2020 c70 2Gerhman Remington
Thank you truly for taking the time and effort to give a satisfying ending to this fic
9/22/2020 c1 1Adragonoid75
The whole perspective and concepts of this story weak. It is basically just about two overly ambitious spirits who keep jumping to conclusions and trying to convert ichigo into an edgy hypocritical so-called antihero who literally believe everything he is doing is for greater good. Aka Second Danzo.
I am a former psychological advisor and to be frank, your so calledhow the real world works" excuses are pitiful at best and delusional at worst. While it's true that the world is not just black and white, you must also remember that even grey have many different shades. This story is being far too close to being pure black in all honesty.
That line of thinking will (not might, but WILL) turn the person into someone who will smile even as they kill a newborn baby or pregnant women. Because to them, it is all for the greater good.
9/19/2020 c70 777torn777
This was a nice tale. Take care
9/19/2020 c70 M49P13
This is the first time that I've commented on this fanfic, but I have been around since chapter 2, waiting for an update again and again. Each update was never a disappointment. This entire fic has been a joy to read. And thank you so much for not including needless romance, it would've been pointless with it. The fights between everyone was gripping, the sheer anger that Ichigo held to the soul society was, weirdly, very satisfying. And the ending was brilliant, imo.
Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire fic, and I am so glad to have read it and have kept up with it, as well as though I am saddened to see it finish, I am glad of it's outcome. Thank you. Keep on writing!
9/19/2020 c70 Othinus
Aye finally something done that isn't Ichigo being on the SS side. Overdone idea, I say. Thanks for thinking outside the box. Few do that, really.
9/19/2020 c70 Guest
Can you do an extra chapter about the soul reaper side?
9/19/2020 c70 Rake1810
Excellent story, thank you
9/10/2020 c67 Yamajiji
Awesome chapter. I really liked this. I assume Zhakuro will take Reio’s place.
9/7/2020 c66 Yamajiji
This story is fucking awesome. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Reading this has certainly been a ride.
9/7/2020 c60 Yamajiji
Damm. You killed Chad and Orihime. That’s tough. I really like that you take these big risks. Having Ichigo kill of people in Soul SOciety, killing off his friends, its some pretty ballsy shit to do. I like it.
9/7/2020 c59 Yamajiji
WTF? Dude you’re ballsy killing Orihime, I love it. I mean she’s best girl but as you said anyone waging war on Ichigo would target her. Damm.
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