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6/19 c36 Guest
All Might might become suspicious of Midoryia, but Mirio won’t since he already knows the truth of Azmuth (and the origin of it quirks)! This, All For One’s apprentice is already SCREWED!
21h c36 fuunu
About the rebuilding the facility every year. Well they do have them big ass robots to help, not to mention the devices built by the support classes and others that have quirk to help with building.
6/17 c36 Amit Barabi
Speculation time!
I think Bakugo is going to develop a lot as a character during his course. He could probably develop a relationship with Camie, since most characters in this story seem to form a relationship at one point or another (I do not consider it a flaw, just noticed a pattern).
When it comes to the Overhaul arc, which I guess will be shorter due to Eri already being in UA, I can see a hope for Izuku's health condition. Maybe one of those bullets could temporarily heal his DNA but mess up with his transformations or something.
I can see it being a dramatic scene where Izuku gets a timeout shortly after getting shot by one of his bullets, and instead of dying he is just going to be in pain until the Omnitrix recharges.
It could be later explained that the bullet was the only thing that kept him alive, and since no one will ever force Eri to go through the procedure of making more of those things, Izuku could not be fully healed.
6/17 c36 warrior mage 03
glad to see this version of the exam turned out better than the original story and i had to laugh at the mistake AFO made. while his plan to divide togata and midoriya could have possibly worked there is a slight problem; midoriya already told togata the truth about azmuth and the omnitrix. all might may become suspicious but i think togata and midoriya might explain the truth to all might if the time comes.
6/17 c36 PasiveNox
great chapter
6/17 c36 1Ultimatrix bearer
Kinda bummed todoroki didn’t fail.

6/17 c36 10Yellowpikmin88
Great to see a new chapter.

I’m glad to see the exam turned out how it did. I’m curious on whether or not Bakugou’s going to have that fight with Izuku, cause it’ll be WAY different than the canon, for reals.

And I’m worried about what Shigaraki has planned involving the Rising Star’s blood.
6/17 c36 Hootyman
Yeah, AFO don't know Mirio very well do he ;)
6/17 c36 Wickerstein
"-but my only fear is that Togata and Midoriya fight together against Shigaraki."

Who's gonna tell him?
6/17 c36 15Vanessa Masters
Oh, but I doubt it. Togata doesn't mistrust easily. They'll ream up and defeat you and your 'puppey'.

But I'm worried what the doctor will do with that blood.

Lol Todoroki winking at Mina to make her stop

And that 'detention joke/threat' Aizawa said lol

I love it.

Yeah, I hope AFO slip act does the opposite and brings Togata and Izuku closer together.

I'm still so anxious and excited to see his reaction to aliens DNA and azmuth truth.
6/17 c36 5Benjustice
Great work and bring in Ultimate Swampfire.
6/17 c36 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
6/17 c36 timijaf
Great chapter
6/17 c36 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
6/17 c36 OmnipotentAbsoluteUIGodzilla
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