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11/30 c57 The Black Latios
So we have seen Ultimate: humungousaur, Swampfire, Buzzshock, Waterhazard, EchoEcho, Terraspin, and eatle. Who are the last ones? Keep up the great work.
11/17 c57 1Naruto30
If All Might makes stupid decisions here as well, I'd like to kill him. He didn't even give OFA to Izuku here. If he tries any sh*t like Izuku being related to AFO and all, I'll take a quirk and kill him from here
11/16 c2 PandoraOfVanity
This was painfully bad. And you don’t know how to power scale…
10/31 c57 Guest
So Aizawa died instead of Midnight, can Eri bring him back?
10/31 c57 Guest
Man, All Might is gonna be RACKED with Guilt when he realizes that he let Aizawa die because he was WRONG about Izuku being connected with All For One! Do the villains now know about Alien DNA being the origin of Quirks?
10/28 c57 2Imagine476
Dang it, All Might. I know you have your suspicions, but dang it, man! Aizawa's death was NOT worth that! This is just the beginning of how bad things are, but I can only hope for the best. Also, my prayers go out on behalf of your family for all of the stuff going on.
10/26 c57 Dafuq
I'd like to see Allmight bust his hand trying to punch supergirl and then her flick him through a wall
10/27 c57 1BrianShooter672
2.5. And also, i hope every member's of the Justice League and the Tennysons beat the crap outta Toshinori for being Naive and Stupid for letting Shiragaki Lives instead of finish him went he had to the Change. If Nighteye trying protect him for not killing Shiragaki than he's also need his ass kick

6. Rest in Peace Shota Aizawa AKA Eraserhead, you were a Great Hero, Teacher, Friends and a Father Figure. You will be miss but not forgotten. Sure Paradox can travel back in time and fix this before happening but we all knew there's are certain thing you cannot changes without risk of riping off the entire Timeline or the Multiverse
10/27 c57 BrianShooter672
Another awesome chapter and as always I'm looking forward for the next one by the way

1. Enji has a lot explaining to do, especially to Shoto, Fuyumi, Natsuo and Rei since he's the one who turn Toya to Dabi. Kinda ironic how a Egoistic Hero turn someone into a Villain

2. Damn, Looks like Tenko or Shiragaki has Eri Quirk which could spell bad news for everyone. If All-Might still think he can be save him than he's a Bigger fool than we thought, sure a lotta people said Killing is not the answer because once you did. You can never go back but they also said Sometimes there's no other option than to Kill in order save other's, Killing is simple but never start to enjoy it cause once you do. Than you became a Monsters

3. Looks like the LOV gonna break into Tartarus and free AFO along with other Villain's including Lady Nagant, hope Izuku and Ben convinced her to join them since she's not really evil only been used by Other's

4. Looks like Ben and Other's shows up, for once i agree with Supergirl, if they Throw Izuku into a Prison all because he try to kill Shiragaki than i hope those idiots die from Lack of Oxygen went they entering Space

5. There's no doubt it gonna be a Pandemonium once Izuku revealed his Secrets to everyone, but i hope someone arrest Aoyama since he's the mole for AFO in the UA since he's parents was held hostage by him
10/27 c57 Tribernator
Holy CRAP all might has gone off the deep end! And Deku is going to be enraged when he learns that this piece of trash used ERI to repair himself so he could try to destroy her adopted father. Especially combined with shigaraki having her quirk, even if not through him going after her.
10/27 c57 neith12
If izuku finds out what all might did to eri...
10/27 c57 14KuriMaster13
And if the real-world drama wasn't bad enough... fanfic is being screwey with emails and isn't sending out proper notifications.

Oh Boy... All Might messed up big time... guess the Tennysons got to show him what's really going on now.
10/27 c57 2Amit Barabi
This is the best chapter I have read the whole week, and two other stories I follow were updated today.
I can't believe Aizawa is dead. All Might should get his priorities together or get kicked in the balls by every Tennyson. I am fine with both happening in whatever order you decide.
Even Shigaraki insisted Izuku had nothing to do with him, and he is the one who started this fire in the Stain arc.
I wonder if Izuku could have killed Shigaraki had he turned into himself after healing as Sawmpfire instead of attacking.
I am also glad to see that Shigaraki is not aware of all of his powers. He didn't know he could explode building with his tendrils, and I am sure he had no idea he prevented Ken from portaling to the universe.
Considering that barrier Shigaraki erected around his universe, I doubt they can bring Izuku to a medical facility that can save his life, and since Izuku can't die yet, I can only see him surviving by Eri or Eridox saving him. The latter is more likely due to her better control over her powers and lack of exhaustion.
Izuku’s secret is probably what the villains are going to get out, and it might help straighten All Might's rewinded brain in the short term while making Izuku’s life more difficult in the long term.
10/27 c57 9SolanaLeonhart
Nice work as always. The one down point for me is what happened to Eraser head but I guess battles like this do tend to come with casualties.
Please tell me something is going to be done about All Might soon, he's out of control! I thought it was bad enough when he got Eri to restore him like that but seriously reading his idiotic conclusions was really getting on my nerves. Even the nutjob of a villain called him on what a freaking moron he's being!
10/26 c57 4HalfQuetzalcoatlHunter
Excelente amigo! This is going to be a hell of a black mark on All Might!
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