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8/5/2023 c54 2Amit Barabi
Wow! This chapter kept me at the edge of my seat. Between the fragile peace the characters felt and the calm before the storm, I always expected All Might to buff up, break into the room, and break Izuku's arm.
I am not surprised by Ochaco's plan to sleep with Izuku, but I kind of expected her to plan it with him in advance or something. His trauma trigger is very believable and lines up with my experience with PTSDs, so good job there. Looking back, I am a little surprised he didn't break right after that training session that involved making Mina kick Bakugo in the crotch, but that is probably because he had it planned.
I have noticed that Night Eye touched Izuku, and that could be him using his Quirk on him to see if he was going to betray them and warn All Might. Of course, if that is what he did, then All Might is probably not going to listen to him because Izuku’s good actions don't match All Might's narrative.
Was he that paranoid before the crisis, or is it a part of the multiversal reset? I am reading old chapters again to see a pattern, but I am not even in the Sports Festival yet. I didn't go back that much just for my research, but also because I felt nostalgic and wanted to read again the chapters that gave my YouTube channel a purpose, and it feels so good.
I don't feel like making new videos at the moment, but I will probably make at least one before the end of this story, and then I will work on an overall review to make sure as many people read and love this story.
I am surprised that this story doesn't have a TV Tropes page yet. It is much better than most MHA stories, and it is my favorite.

Now, for predictions:
All Might and Bakugo can't beat Izuku normally, but Izuku is not at his best, All Might got a boost from Eri, and they will probably attack him by surprise when he is occupied with something else or during a mental breakdown. It means that Izuku could risk making mistakes or reaching his deadly time limit.
If the Rising Stars survive this arc, then I expect Izuku and Ochaco to go with her plan either near the end or when they catch a break (I picture the latter like Sarah Connor and Kyle Riss from the first Terminator movie).
As for their plan to watch Star Wars, it would have been great if there is a DVD of the Outcast Blades that they could watch. It is probably the best way to tribute that great series.
Let's see what else I can predict...
Izuku’s secret is probably going to be a big deal. Learning that Quirks came from a lab experiment made by Azmuth and that the multiverse is real is a world shattering reveal, and I don't see this story ending before the secret gets out.
I think that is all for now. It is probably my longest review ever.
8/5/2023 c54 temp paleoboy
I wonder if the new omnitrix has like a emergency recall that sends it and it's host back to azimuth or ben
8/5/2023 c54 5Monkey D. Conan
It makes you wonder how deep down the hole will All Might go in his paranoia. He’s starting to reach the point of no return, which in this case is the point where despite his time as a hero his actions will have consequences that can’t or at least shouldn’t be able to be swept away with an apology. He hasn’t crossed the line yet, but considering he’s completely wrong in his assumptions…well, he might have to force the issue. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
8/5/2023 c54 Tribernator
"Autobots! Roll out!" :p And ok, so all might wants to be secretly healed as an ace in the hole to take down izuku huh? Man that seems to have taken one heck of an awful turn with his mindset. The dude is in an ever tightening downward spiral and seems to just be dismissing the fact that literally everyone else disagrees with his suspicions. Also, seriously midoriya TALK TO NEZU! Yes he doesnt remember any of it, but the dude is super smart, is a confidant of yours with knowledge of alternate universes and the source of quirks, and is probably the best person to help him deal with trauma on that sort of scale.
8/5/2023 c54 1Bromega2477
If you're looking for something to use besides 'Avengers Assemble', you could always go with 'It's Hero Time'.
8/3/2023 c5 fanreader18
The text talk was like watching a conversation between retards. Good chapter though.
7/28/2023 c23 1Lord.Lathiathen
RIP Hercules
7/25/2023 c53 Guest
Honestly, I'm suprised that this izuku didn't go back to having low self-esteem again. After all, I'm pretty sure, even though it's been a while since the kidnapping, still between Jen and Vilgax, both of which he could not defeat (they came and showed him the powerful beings there are throughout the multiverse). And to that you add that actually, even by the standards of an omnitrix wielder, this izuku is not very strong due to his condition that he got after he was kidnapped, the same for which now the true power of the omnitrix will be forever out of his reach (you said it your self it's a pseudo-Master control, he will never be at the level of a Ben 10,000 anymore). I'm surprised that this izuku hasn't felt inferior again. At this point, for sure, he's aware that he's not as powerful as he probably felt (even if he in his humility would never admit it) before Jen and Ken (mainly Jen) came to prove him wrong, because the power levels of his world weren't that impressive compared to others.
7/22/2023 c4 1Pyr0squid
Enjoying the story so far, but it's weird that you made Bakugo weak to water when we've been shown during the training camp arc that he can ignite his sweat while wet; this makes sense because the ignition is through an emitter ability instead of through a normal source of ignition. Besides that small complaint, keep up the good work
7/20/2023 c53 1Raider301
Can someone make a TVTropes page for this fic?
7/19/2023 c53 nathan.tan.whcl
Uh oh!
7/19/2023 c53 15Vanessa Masters
"The shining fool!" the old man shouted. "You do not know the corruption you embody! Your light only blinds the world to the truth!"

"Sorry, sir, but I really don't know what you're talking about." Lemillion drew back his fist. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to knock you out, and then we'll get you some help."

"No! I cannot be silenced! The world must be warned, before it is too late!" The old man hopped off his sphere, and took a smaller piece of glass with him. The rest of the sphere sprouted writhing tendrils of glass that tried to smash Lemillion, but with Permeation active, they couldn't even touch him.

Before the glass construct could hurt anyone, Heatblast melted it to molten goo, where it fell to the street. "I've got this, Lemillion! Stop him!"

The old man's eyes went wide when he saw Heatblast. "Embodiment of lies! You who hold the truth that only I have seen! You carry the stars' corruption, and must be stopped! You are just as wicked as the Entropic King!"


Oh damn he knows.

All Might is overheard suspecting izuku is connect to AL for One which he ain't.


So, the director knew...before, or after the surveillance of Izuku?


Wonder how that will turn out?

And oh no, Izuku's dad!
7/18/2023 c53 1Naruto30
Just hope Izuku makes his way safely out of this and All might get cleared of his suspicions and AFO plus shiggy get squashed by either way big or atomix or alien X. Waiting for your next update.
7/17/2023 c53 Mother of Quirks
just freeze em XD
7/17/2023 c53 14KuriMaster13
I can think of one other way the heroes (more specifically the Midoryia's) could spot the imposter... Hisashi knows the truth about Izuku's "quirk", but dose Toga know he knows? Dose she even know in the first place?
All it takes is for the Alien detail to come up ONCE in a conversation between the Midoryia's (and for it to be set up for "Hasashi" to actually need to know what they are talking about), and Inko and/or Deku would know something's off, as that's not a thing one can just forget.

Though Hawks is probably the easier way to get it directly to the main Heroes working and better to use if you don't want Izuku to know right away that his dad's been kidnapped and replaced.
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