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2/3 c59 6Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
It's ok, there's a new my hero academia movie. I don't know if your going to include that into your story but it would be so satisfying watching them beat the shit of the fake all might...ᴥ
2/3 c59 Tribernator
I agree with the idea of every big nation having its own broken top hero. I cant wait till lemillion officially becomes that for Japan. One For All PLUS multiple other quirks? Yeah, dude is ultra broken, or will be once he gets some experience using them all under his belt. Luckily Izuku can easily hang with the broken crowd himself.
2/3 c59 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
The other 7 of the top heroes of the world have insane Quirks. Monkey King's Probability and Geosynch's Singularity being good examples, and of course Star And Stripe's New Order which we already know about.
It's cool to have Izuku and Melissa work with International Pro Heroes.

All Might has toned down his rhetoric against Izuku to a large degree, but he's still convinced Deku is an agent of All For One, which really sucks. Glad Mirio is giving Toshinori the cold shoulder, but man, All Might has fallen low if he suspects even Melissa as a potential Villain. Even UA has cut ties with All Might, which shows how royally he screwed up given he's partly responsible for Eraserhead's death.

The All Stars are holding up well for the most part, outside of a skirmish with General Studies students who blindly believe Deku is a Villain without hard evidence. No forgiveness for Hawks anytime soon, given the did betray Izuku by spying on him and feeding information to the HPSC to exploit Deku's potential weaknesses they can take advantage of.
2/3 c59 5Gamelover41592
Excellent work on this chapter and man things have gotten crazy, also welcome back :)
2/3 c58 The Protector of the Universe
I thought the Tennysons said they would explain the truth to All Might. Why would he still think Izuku is working for All for One?
2/3 c59 The Protector of the Universe
Nighteye and Gran Torino do have hard evidence that Izuku isn't working with All For One. The League of Villains kidnapped his father, which they wouldn't have had to do if he was working with them.
2/3 c59 2Amit Barabi
This chapter is amazing. There was no way to make it better.
2/3 c59 The Disquieting One
ah, i really miss this
2/3 c59 2PokeKing Charizard
I like that. All Might can’t be everywhere so having heroes as powerful as him is logical. Having him be number one in the world makes sense too because not everyone can be powerful and charismatic.
2/3 c59 fresh prince1
Glad to see a new chapter
2/3 c59 3RonaldM40196867
A real hero is a survivor.

Very cool.

Happy February!
2/3 c59 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
2/1 c1 Alexis Torres2
Honestly why do all authors seem to have the only two ideas in mind? either you send the Omnitrix with Izuku (skipping all the lore behind it) just because you don't want to use Ben and you think you are being innovative or you send a most likely 10 year old Ben with a useless Omnitrix because you are useless at writing powerful characters Do FanFiction authors really have no more ideas to apply to Ben 10? Either it's those two or Ben was always in mha's world which ruins the lore even more and takes away all the meaning of the story making it pointless stupidity to read...
1/23 c58 MiaCosby
Rereading this yet again and maaaan i simply cannot wait for you to continue this story. I love how it has been so far and watching where it will go will be fun. It sucks that Hawks has been outed as a spy but also sucks that he didnt really want to do it but no one believes him YET im hoping he gets cleared and is able to help izuku. Speaking of which i cant wait to see how izuku handles all he has gone through in this time period. Please continue the great work!
1/16 c1 5VoteDonaldJTrump2024
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