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1/4 c58 Jmoney3062
Love the story can't wait for more
12/21/2023 c58 2Dark Xegen
How and when did Shigaraki get Alien X DNA?
12/14/2023 c58 47Thunderstrike16
Wow, so shit has seriously hit the fan, but much worse than in canon. First off, man All Might is a huge idiot in this. So like did they explain everything to him or not? I guess he wouldn't believe it, and now everyone hates him.

So Shigaraki is part Celestialsapien now but luckily he isn't at full power, he's like at 1% of his power. Jokes aside, I wonder if All For One would actually help the heroes in the future to stop him. Not that he would turn good, but more along the lines of the saying 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

So Izuku is now a wanted criminal, and I guess the other people in the comments are right, interesting way to incorporate the third movie into this. If that is the case.

Can't wait to see how alll this turns out in the future. Keep up the good work.
12/13/2023 c58 Zarathos
To “OmnilBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla”, Well, I must admit that I'm not very sure either, but if I had to put my money on something, I think the alien they are expecting him to try to unlock by hacking the watch with Grey Matter is Clockwork, If Izuku wants to win he will need time on his side
12/13/2023 c58 1Naruto30
I know what I'm gonna say will sound bad but I hope All might dies in a hopeless battle or gets crippled beyond measure that even Eri's quirk can't fix him. Even when others are saying to trust Izuku, he believes he's right like he's some messiah. If the vestiges accept his thoughts, screw them too. Hope Izuku lives when the confrontation ends. Waiting for your next update
12/13/2023 c58 9SolanaLeonhart
Talk about hell breaking loose. And I thought things got messed up in canon, this is way worse.
Seriously, Shigaraki becoming a celestialsapien?! Damn, that's pretty scary on its own. And All Might is just...yeesh, I'm really hoping all this crap blows up in his face sooner or later. Poor Izuku, some people just can't catch a break.
I'm curious about how you're going to handle Stain here, I can't really picture him working with the league.
Actually, think back, didn't Star and Stripe look up to All Might? Wonder what she'd be like here...
About one for all, did you do anything about the vestiges and its other powers? I can't remember if that was mentioned.
12/13/2023 c58 6RANGER1863
I loved the chapter, it was very emotional and I was really surprised by how everything developed, I can't wait to see the continuation
12/13/2023 c58 8Drag0n5on
I seriously hope you incorporate movie 3 I really wanna see Rody. Maybe even Nabu island with Katsuma and mahoro since 9 is still looking for a healing quirk.

The thought of Izuku putting together rag tag team just sounds fun Izuku, Melissa, Rody some OC’s or underrated characters I can’t think of atm. That’s not to take away from him working with the international #1 heroes

Speaking of I’m extremely curious to see the interaction between him and Stars and Stripes
12/13/2023 c58 BrianShooter672
Glad to see you back Author and i'm looking forward for the next Chapter in the future

1. and here i though All-Might would gain a common sense after Aizawa death but no, Hope Shiragaki take away his Quirk and turn him back into a Nobody.

2. You gotta hate went the Celestialsapien make a point and somehow it end up being worse with Izuku no longer had the Tennyson's, Azmuth or the League to help him out in his Universe. Well let's hope Celestialsapien decided to break the rule and help Izuku out.

3. Looks like Tenko or Tomura just make AFO his b, hope Shiragaki he got killed went he try to take Alien X power from Tenko by force.

4. Looks like Izuku was forced to leave his Country because of a Idiot name All-Might, this is what happen went you elect Arrogant and Ignorant Politician's to run their Government, Japan always try to Rewrite their History from their Role and Warcrime during WW2 up till Today's. If Japan admit the things they did in the past and ask forgiveness to the people their hurt, their wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. At least Izuku have the support from his Family, Friend's, Teacher's and few Japan Pro Heroes.

5. Good to know that other Countries Pro Heroes aren't like Japan, At least United States, Russia, China and few other countries with past experiences knows about Crossing the line or Take the gloves off went Necessary unlike certain blonde buffoon. Hope their Trust Izuku and didn't betrayed him unlike Japan Number One and Number Three Pro Hero did.

6. Screw Japan Hero Public Safety Commission, hope the people of Japan find and give them a taste of their own Medicines or better yet, Lady Nagant kill them herself or She's let the Angry mob do it for her Law enforcement can't contain the riot that's about to Happen.
12/13/2023 c58 Temsen
I don't remember, was there a reason Eri can't just rewind Izuku?

They'd rather wipe out the whole universe than the single threat inside it. Weird priorities.

So All Might didn't get an explanation? In the first scene they said they'd give him the whole truth, then nothing. Or did he just not believe it?

Honestly, at this point you've heaped so much shit on the heroes (including All Might's nonsense), I find it absurd to think the villains could lose.
12/12/2023 c58 Multiverseomniverse104
…. Wow! Okay, just…. Wow! Holymoly that’s a lot of stuff to unpack!

Okay first off, All Might has official gone off the deep end! It’s unknown wether or not he is being manipulated with some sort of mind control or if he is just consumed by hatred. Only one thing I do know is that the at the end of this whole new arc, the outcome for him will be way worse. His reputation as going to be ruined to the extreme, and can even imagine is that he goes too far and as a result more people get hurt because of his actions, and I can imagine how riled up and fear instilled people are going to get because of his words, and as a result his reputation is going to crash and burn. Very, Very HARD.

Now as for the whole Shiguraki becoming a Celestialsapien. I honestly thought long before this chapter came out the whole celestial sapien thing was going to be way different. I thought that the “Rogue Celestial Sapien” was going to an alternate universe version of Ben who after witnessing his Family and universe getting wiped and tormented by the Main vilgax, unlocked his celestial sapien form and traveled the multiverse killing vilgaxes on a rage fueled rampage of vengance whilst searching for the main vilgax. How ever when he finds out that vilgax was killed by Izuku and the others he then travels to izuku’s world to go after him and Ben for robbing him of his vengeance. And his mind reasoning has been so warped by his Anguish and rage he has pretty much become a villian at that point who wants to make others suffer as much as him. It’s sort of like the reboot’s Alien Xtinction event except for this continuity. But sad to say that was just a theory. So about the eventual confrontation with shigiraki, all I can hope is that it’s going to be one hell of a climax!
12/12/2023 c58 64mellra
Great to see more of this! So I'm convinced that some outside force is messing with All Might's mind, whether it's Shigaraki or something else. Because in canon, All Might would have given Izuku the benefit of a doubt, especially with so many people vouching for him. Not to mention any evidence connecting Izuku to All for One is shaky at best. There's also the fact Izuku nearly died several times fighting against the League. Hope it gets resolved either way.

Can't wait to see more and hope you enjoy your new place.
12/12/2023 c58 PasiveNox
That type of all might huh
12/12/2023 c58 2Imagine476
Hmm. Let's see... Izuku's reckless actions in fighting AFO Shigaraki actually having consequences on his body. Shigaraki remains in control of his body. A death of a UA teacher that directly impacts our main hero class. Izuku put in a situation where it's clear that he HAS to leave behind everyone he loves. Dang, is this the War arc that canon deprived me of?

All jokes aside, you've done an incredible job giving a more dire outlook on the situation. Izuku's not completely alone, but he can't be helped by Ben and the others anymore. It really saddens me seeing All Might like this and I hope that the Vestiges regret how they made him wrongfully antagonize Izuku.

I can only hope that Izuku will be able to live longer and healthier when all of this ends. Please? I know stories need actual stakes and consequences, but please give that boy a happy ending! He's been through enough! TT_TT
12/12/2023 c58 Guest
What the hell is wrong with the Vestiges in One For All!? I hope that All Might lives to see his reputation CRASH AND BURN! And All For One now realizes that he has fucked up!
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