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12/12/2023 c58 14KuriMaster13
*reads that you are now in California* Well... best of luck. Considering what I've been hearing about that place, I think you need it.

Anyway, Storywise... nice work. :)
Ugh, All Might you should have joined with the others so Ben could explain everything and you'd see that Deku isn't a threat.
12/12/2023 c58 6Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Wow, now I really hate this version of all might. When izuku's name is cleared whether he admits his wrong, the damage is done. Sir nighteye, Gran torino, nezu, most heroes and his students in UA will never trust him... He brought this on himself, he'll be fired from UA. They don't want a bias teacher, especially one who is a fucking hypocrite. The news is out, quirks are from alien DNA, izuku is really quirkless and is given a gift from real heroes. It's only a matter of time before everyone learns their universe will be erase if they don't kill shigaraki... Unless those alien x decided to make a sick humour and appear before the world explaining their doomed universe in the last minute, when everyone learns this... They decided fuck shigaraki they want to live...
12/12/2023 c58 Tribernator
Yeah, All Might declaring someone to be evil in the MHA universe is superman doing that in DC. Most people are gonna listen when he talks.
12/12/2023 c58 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
What Alien is Izuku expected to unlock from the Omnitrix by hacking it with Grey Matter? Given Tomura will become a full fledged rogue Celestialsapien in less than a year, the only option that makes logical sense is Alien X, the only transformation that can save Izuku from an early grave as well as put a stop to AFO Tomura.

But as things are now, Deku is a fugitive on the run thanks to a paranoid All Might having gone mad with false suspicions and convincing Japan's Prime Minister to issue an arrest warrant for a young man, whom, unknown to many in the MHA reality, reversed their universe's erasure done by Vilgax.

Hawks isn't getting any forgiveness soon from Izuku, given that Keigo lied to Izuku from day one and betrayed his trust consistently, given that Hisashi Midoriya was kidnapped and tortured by the PLF.

And Izuku still hasn't coped with Aizawa's untimely death, the man's death also signifying the end of Erasure, the only Quirk that inconvenienced Tomura, and for all we know, AFO Tomura might have secretly stolen the Quirk prior to killing Eraserhead.

The HPSC has been destroyed figuratively and literally by the Villains, the only good thing to happen.

Melissa going on the run with Izuku will hopefully wake up All Might from this madness he's on, but that's a huge leap of faith.

Prime All Might and Prime All For One are no threat to Tomura, which is gravely terrifying.

Good thing Deku will have the support of International Pro-Heroes who are likely unamused with All Might's drastic shift of personality from Symbol of Peace to Symbol of Disappointment.
12/12/2023 c58 5Gamelover41592
epic work and man things have taken a turn for the worst
12/12/2023 c58 2Amit Barabi
Also, I wonder if Kevin could have absorbed some of Izuku’s infected DNA to improve his condition. I assume he could have but did not have a chance to consider it before the dimensional lockdown.
12/12/2023 c58 Amit Barabi
Damn. Is the next arc called "The Dark Age" or something? Because this is intense.
I wonder which alien Izuku is expected to unlock with Greymatter.
I don't know if this is where the story is going, but I think All For One and All Might are going to work together against Shigaraki.
Also, do the authorities now possess the medical equipment Azmuth used, or were they teleported away with the best heroes in the multiverse?
It feels a lot more interesting than the manga right now.
Also, if Izuku is going to beat Shigaraki in less than a year, he better hold it against a Celestialsapian to heal his damn body just so he can kick All Might for an entire hour without dying.
12/12/2023 c57 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
All Might's paranoia is dialed up to 11 when it comes to Deku, and boy, it cost Eraserhead his life by the hands of Tomura Shigaraki.

Ultimate Echo Echo is a force to be reckoned with, but Deku couldn't do much more to stop AFO Tomura from escaping.

The Tennysons look ready to give All Might a world of pain for harming Izuku.
12/12/2023 c58 233Dr. Exposition
Wait, so nobody explained ANYTHING to All Might? What is up with that?
12/12/2023 c58 ArashiNokitsune
from the sounds of it sounds like Japan is about to go through a civil war of sorts not that it's going to help them considering they already got enough problems considering shigiraki and all might being too blind to see past his hatred hopefully Paradox set up a good amount of hints and notes for izuku to use when he needs it pretty sure Ben and his family are going to have a hard time trying to communicate with izuku not that it's not going to stop them from trying Multiverse lockdown or not after all they can't be there but that doesn't stop them from trying to send a message
12/12/2023 c58 15Vanessa Masters
"It wasn't," the grey alien snapped. "I was very specific when I told him what he could and could not do with his new Omnitrix. I told him to only limit himself to one hyper-evolution per recharge cycle. I should have built that into the system to prevent this exact situation, but I was convinced that he was far more responsible than Ben was at this age."

It said much about the situation that Ben didn't even protest, and was focused on Izuku.

At that point, Uraraka stared at the little alien with wide eyes. She realized that this was Azmuth—not only the creator of the Omnitrix, but the reason Quirks existed! It was more than a little shocking to meet the man responsible for the single greatest change in her Earth's history.

"I'm confused," Hawks confessed. "I thought the watch just sorted through his weird DNA to give him his transformations."

"Right, you're not in the know," Ben said with a sigh. "Okay, short version: Azmuth, the little guy, spread alien DNA across this Earth, and that's why you have Quirks. Izuku doesn't have a Quirk, but that watch has pure samples of that same alien DNA, but when his Ultimatrix broke, it gave him all of that DNA at once. His Omnitrix actually does sort through the DNA now, but also keeps it from killing him."

Hawks and Nighteye blinked once, twice, and then the former scratched his head. "Aliens?"

"This Earth?" Nighteye muttered.

"The multiverse is a thing," Ben said casually.

"Accept what he says," Nezu said tiredly. "I can personally vouch for him."


Holy he'll, but it doesn't stop there.

But if Shirigaki becomes a full celestialsapian, wouldn't he developed more personalities?

Maybe not.

Can't risk it.

One year.

Oh fuck!

Midoriya in bad shape, but now they have a year to stop Shirigaki!

All Might has gone off the deep end and can't do anything against Shirigaki.

Neither can all for one.

Who's doesn't doubt he's screwed the pooch here.

Oh my God, what a f bomb of a cliffhanger! O.o
12/12/2023 c56 3OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Ultimate Humongosaur struggling to hold back Gigantomachia is scary.

Prime All Might is back, which isn't shocking, given his weakened form would never stand a snowball's chance against All For One Tomura Shigaraki.

A rogue Celestialsapien in the MHA Earth? Like, ZOINKS! They're screwed. Ben and co need to get there ASAP.
12/12/2023 c58 10Yellowpikmin88
You’re really breaking Izuku in every conceivable way aren’t you?
Not only is he on the run from his former idol who’s betrayed in a fit of absolute paranoid madness.
Not only is he separated from everyone he loves both in his own universe and the other.
Not only is he the only one who has the ability to fight a Shigaraki who’s going to become a cosmic-bending Titan within a year.
Not only is he still carrying the trauma from the time he saved the multiverse with no one to tell his problems to who’d understand.
But on top of all that, he’s DNA is so screwed up now he’s going to DIE in less than a decade!

I have no idea how you’re planning to resolve this and give the poor kid a break; ESPECIALLY how this DNA issue is going to be fixed so he can live a full life with Ochako and Eri, but I hope you know what you’re doing cause I don’t think my heart can take much for the guy. Please don’t let this all end with Izuku dying in his twenties from his effed up genes leaving Ochako and Eri behind. He’s suffered enough.

All in all, amazing conclusion to the arc, 10/10. But please save Izuku. A hero like him deserves a full happy life with his family and friends.
12/12/2023 c58 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
12/12/2023 c58 3RonaldM40196867
Ultiman has a lot of heart.

Heroes come and go.
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