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for Star vs The Forces of Evil: Season 5 (unofficial)

10/27 c22 3FungusDungus000
Hey, Fungus here! I saw you finished your Season 5 fic, so I gave it a binge-read and HOLY GUACAMOLE that was FANTASTIC!

There was just so much to love in your story, and it was honestly one of the best Post-Cleaved fics I've read. One thing in particular I liked was how you did General Swanson; I'm honestly surprised more writers don't create human antagonists for Star Vs. stories.

So, you're retiring from fan fiction. I see your point; I'm going to retire after I get done with "Maroon and the Earth-Ni Protectors." I wish you the best of luck with your future works, and overall commend you for writing and completing such a fantastic finale to SVTFOE.
10/26 c22 24Ghostwriter434
This was a beautiful way to end the series. Amazing work, so glad I followed this.
10/26 c22 Ironchef13
Beautiful way to end a series great work
Side question: what happened to that lizard lady Ariel?
10/26 c22 7Starco4everr
I really enjoyed reading your story
10/26 c22 1SuperYoshiFan
Good job! This was a fun read from beginning to end.
10/26 c22 Blafispowers
this chapter should be called how to piss off every fan fiction of star and Marco's child's name xd
10/25 c22 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and great wrap up to this fic thank you for season 5 :)
10/17 c21 JuicyPlaysSTW
Make sure to lookover spelling 2 times, one time always fails
10/16 c21 SaturnX
Ok. So first. CONGRATULATION you have finished the post-cleaved fanfic. Post-cleaved fanfic (that long) is quite rare and so far, I only know one that has finished (When Two Worlds Collide by KPRS4ever). Second, I one to mention something off that bugging me a lot. After about a year of using new non-lethal magic, Star suddenly got lethal magic back and she just said "YESSSSSS". She didn't even have a single guilty felling about it. When Indexia said "Hold on. Something old.", I though she would give some kind of warning but nope, she just supported it (and yeahh, probably because she knew it would be destroyed again anyway). Maybe it's normal not to think the bad side due to the dire situation so I hope it would be discussed on part 3. But, that's not happening. Also the annihilation of mechs and lizards "ball" by 15 queens at the same time is... you know, beyond abuse magic. They didn't comment anything after it. Yeah... I just hope they at least comment the short lethal magic era in epilogue. I also will give critics about positive and negative stuff in you fanfic later (if I have a freaking time between collage) because this is one of the best fanfic I've ever read despite the mistake. Thanks, I'm out
10/14 c21 11OMAC001
Can't wait to finally see the end!
10/13 c21 Guest
If you'd like some ideas for Epologue I would really like to get to know their daughter. What traits did see get from Star and Marco, who she is as her own person etc.
10/13 c21 24Ghostwriter434
This was epic. I loved how you wrapped everything up here.

As for what I would like you to touch on in thie epilouge:
Slime and Penelope's future as a couple.
Globgor and Solaria just talking to each other
Comet and Moon cooking
Janna and Tom shipping stuff; probaly something to deal with both of their parents.
More mewmans, humans, and monsters learning magic.
Mom Squad stuff with a few more mom's joining it.
Rasticore and Babs shipping

If you want specfic details of what I mean, feel free to PM me.
10/13 c21 1SuperYoshiFan
That was definitely a wild ride from beginning to end! As for the epilogue, it would be nice to see Eclipsa and Solaria properly reconciled.
10/13 c21 Ironchef13
Well if this is your last fanfic then it’s definitely your BEST
I wait patiently for the epilogue
10/13 c21 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and great wrap up to the battle :)
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