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for Like Father, Like Son

6/22 c13 1MrRobotj6
This chapter almost had me in tears, I came close to crying more than once. That’s how you know you’re an amazing writer :) Also, “‘Til I Hear You Sing” fits this part so well.
4/8 c5 Sue hunt
How I just see Ben Lewis and Anna OByrne along with the boy who played Gustave in this story. I loved them together in LND. such an awful ending though. I wonder about the other 3 stars, Meg, Rouel, madame Giry. Hoping to read more fanfiction about this sequel.
4/7 c4 Sue hunt
Gustave is 12 now, growing up fast. He must be quite a bit bigger now. I love Nadir coming in the story. Gustave should learn to swim and ride horses like his dad and Uncle Nadir . Love it. Like to see more adventurous relationships with these 3 guys
2/22 c36 11emeraldphan
This was absolutely beautiful and the part where Erik was telling Lizzie about his life was so sad. But the two of them snuggled up with a book was sweet and it really shows how much he has changed now that he has two younger relatives to care for. And that was a great twist about his mother and how he is actually related to his honorary family! It makes William's death all the sadder, given that he never knew Erik and Gustave as his family.
I'm sure you are drained after writing this huge epic but thank you for all the work you put into it and for giving Erik a happy ending!
2/21 c36 17Starwatcher2018
A lovely ending - lots of ground covered.
2/20 c35 11emeraldphan
It was a very long chapter but you really got into complexity of Gustave and Erik's relationship. Erik has a very difficult past, both as victim and villain, and I don't think you can sweep it under the carpet. But it's clear that fatherhood has had an effect on Gustave and he can see things differently now, for example, the way his father tries to appear unbreakable to him. And it's good to see everyone getting on well now, after all the difficulties.
2/18 c35 Guest
SECOND TO LAST CHAPTER?! Thank you so much for writing this amazing story! I always became so excited when I saw it was updated with a new chapter! I could not stop crying at some chapters because of how wholesome, sad, and absolutely incredible they were! Thank you for writing one of the BEST fan fictions in the entire universe. 3
2/18 c35 17Starwatcher2018
I like the relationship you have developed between Erik and Nadir. They have a very special friendship which is often misjudged, so loses its power.
2/1 c34 Guest
So I finished reading this story a couple days back and OMG THIS IS SO GOOD! I really hope you will continue but take breaks if you need to :) This is one of the best aftermaths for LND! I literally love every character and how quirky they are lol
1/11 c34 11emeraldphan
That was a great twist! I can't believe Raoul would marry Meg though; there's clearly a whole other story behind that, with a lot of forgiveness required by Raoul. I can't blame either Gustave or Erik for being angry but it's going to affect the whole "family" who have accepted Erik and given him friendship and acceptance for all these years.
I like how the past has been catching up on them for the last few chapters - there were a whole load of unresolved conflicts at the end of LND and I don't think you can ignore them in a story like this. Hope we learn more about Raoul and Meg!
1/4 c33 emeraldphan
The world of the Opera House makes it's way into the story... Even now, the events of that time are still haunting the people involved, and that's before you get to Erik's past... But I'm glad Philippa and Marguerite were able to reconcile and move on from the secret. Poor Sorelli; sounds like she had an awful life after the Opera House years but I'm not sure Philippe should blame himself.
I love the way the family is growing!
12/23/2020 c32 emeraldphan
That last section was so moving! I love the idea of the new baby being called Christine and of Erik talking to her. I'm so glad Gustave and Lara have become parents after all the sadness in their lives.
12/18/2020 c34 17Starwatcher2018
The argument was nicely done. The tension was palpable.
12/11/2020 c31 11emeraldphan
A lovely chapter after the sadness of the last one. Gustave's memories of his mother were very moving and it's so sad that she'll never meet her grandchildren. But a whole new generation is about to be born, with new memories and stories.
That was an interesting point about Meg - I might have to re-read a few chapters to remind myself of what happened to her! I don't know how old Madame Giry is now but she probably can't have any more children so maybe Gustave and Lara's news will inspire her to contact her daughter?
11/28/2020 c29 emeraldphan
I think Gustave is always going to find things out about Erik that he would rather not know - that's the nature of his father's life, unfortunately. But it's lovely that Nadir could tell him and share some of his own heartache at this sad time. Your description of poor Reza's death was very moving and expands it a little from the novel.
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