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11/21/2020 c27 11emeraldphan
Poor Lara. That's one of the saddest things that can happen to a couple but I'm glad they have each other and, of course, Gustave has already gone through a terrible bereavement so he knows how to support his wife.
11/14/2020 c26 emeraldphan
Being gossiped about is nothing new for Erik but in this new life it would probably feel more hurtful. Unfortunately it was bound to happen eventually. And their remarks about Nadir were horrible but probably realistic for the time period.
The second half was more melancholic with poor Erik missing his son and realising that he was an adult now. At least he has some pets to keep him company! There are so many things that Christine will miss but Erik has Nadir's support, as well as Lara's family.
11/11/2020 c25 emeraldphan
This is lovely. Who would have thought that Erik would be so well integrated into mainstream society that he would be enjoying his son's wedding, joking with friends and dancing with his new daughter in law? I love all the progress he's made.
11/2/2020 c24 emeraldphan
Two beautiful chapters - all the preparations for the wedding, the stress and anxiety about the details and then a lovely wedding, with an unexpected appearance from Madame Giry who has a lot to learn about Erik! I'm so glad Gustave and Lara made it to their special day and Gustave made a lovely speech at the end.
10/22/2020 c22 emeraldphan
This was a lovely, happy chapter after all the sadness of the war years. I'm glad Nadir has found someone as he often gets left out of these kinds of storylines! He's got a lot more teasing ahead of him though, thanks to Erik and Gustave, and of course, it raises many difficult questions for Erik considering their past. Madame Giry is coming back into his life, in a way, and it brings the LND world back into the story nicely.
10/20/2020 c21 emeraldphan
It's a huge relief that Gustave is home safely but now he will have to live with the guilt of killing someone (and not through an act of war either). Both he and Erik have difficult pasts but I think Erik has a lot more experience in that kind of thing..
And the funeral service was so sad, with Lizzie unable to understand why she will never meet her big brother and Gustave haunted by his friend's death while he gets to come home. I hope they can come to terms with what's happened, even if they never get over it completely.
10/17/2020 c20 emeraldphan
Poor William. And poor Lizzie, who will never know her big brother. It will be hard for Madeleine, watching Erik being re-united with Gustave. But I like how you've done your research for this story and included historical facts, with Erik having connections to the Romanovs.
10/17/2020 c19 emeraldphan
I hadn't considered the irony of Charles and Madeleine's names before but it must be sad for Erik to watch a happy couple together, seeing as he lost Christine so tragically. It's good that he's developed a nice, normal friendship with them though, and now he will be a godfather to a child he's known since birth, which is lovely.
10/13/2020 c16 emeraldphan
This is lovely. I really enjoyed the letters between various characters, which was a great way to tell the story and show character development. I also love this growing friendship between Erik and Lara as they wait for Gustave to come home. It's lovely that they now have different perspectives on him and Lara knows a little more about Erik's past (and it hasn't put her off him either...).
10/11/2020 c32 15Starwatcher2018
Well, you got me in tears - I hope you're happy.

The description of Lara's labor was quite intense - lots of great information. Adding Nadir's POV and his recollections were a nice touch.
10/5/2020 c13 11emeraldphan
This was such a sad, moving chapter with the little "family" getting split up, just as Gustave has shown that he takes after his mother in so many ways. Erik's reaction was just as emotional as you would expect, as he says goodbye to his only legacy from Christine. At least he has friends to support him but his routine and life will be very different from now on. He really is lucky to have Nadir to talk sense into him!
10/2/2020 c12 emeraldphan
Poor Erik. This is going to be his first parting with Gustave since they started living together as father and son and it's going to be incredibly difficult for him. But well done for including the Great War and the many separations and difficulties it imposed on people. At least he now has friends who will look after him and Madeleine has a new baby to look forward to.
9/28/2020 c11 emeraldphan
Good to see Erik entertaining guests and doing normal things with his new "family". I also like the idea of Gustave meeting his uncle for the first time and being wise enough to set his mind at rest about the past. I think it did Erik good to meet Philippe although it has also made him realise that there were so many things he didn't know about Christine's marriage.
9/24/2020 c10 emeraldphan
Having Lara being related to Raoul was an interesting twist but I'm surprised she has never met Gustave up until now. After all, they were cousins, or more correctly, step cousins. But the idea of Erik socialising with members of that family, or indeed with anyone, is unusual and brings out new aspects of his personality. He really has a lot to explain, doesn't he? His past exploits sound OTT when you're hearing them all at once like that. But I'm glad Gustave knows a little more about him and can see his parents relationship in a more realistic way.
9/22/2020 c7 emeraldphan
Good old Nadir, acting as Erik's advisor yet again. And Gustave is growing up so quickly.
Erik really has worn some "interesting" clothes over the years, hasn't he?
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