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for Like Father, Like Son

9/21/2020 c6 11emeraldphan
Not an easy conversation for Erik to have with the mother of his son's friend but it's best to be open about these things. It would have been hard to admit that you had a child with someone else's wife back then but I think she will be accepting of it.
And I love the conversations between Erik and Nadir! It's good for Erik to have someone to help out with Gustave and to offer advice now and again.
9/21/2020 c5 emeraldphan
Erik is a difficult subject to write about for a family tree project but I'm glad he was able to share the little knowledge that he has with Gustave. The note was beautiful and I just wish his mother had been able to tell him that to his face or, at least, that he had read it earlier.
I also loved the idea of Erik rushing to his son's friend's house to collect him - it's normal things like this that will help him adapt to being a father.
9/19/2020 c4 emeraldphan
It's great that both of them have friends in their lives now - Erik has Nadir again and Gustave is getting to know William and settling into his new life. He's certainly learning a lot about his father and it's so sweet that he fell asleep in the middle of it all and Erik had to carry him to bed, with a bit of encouragement and teasing from Nadir, of course. I love their unconventional friendship.
9/17/2020 c3 emeraldphan
I have to admit, I'm way behind with this story but I promise I will catch up soon! I love how you've incorporated the Susan Kay elements, such as Erik bringing Gustave to the village he was born in, although unfortunately he will never be able to reconcile with Madeleine. I'm really enjoying their lovely relationship and the way Erik is willing to read a story he can't quite get his head around...
Moving them to London is an interesting idea, as it will allow them to explore a new country and culture together, away from the place where Christine died.
8/17/2020 c31 15Starwatcher2018
So happy for Lara and Gustave. Didn't realize her mother was so opposed to him. Those nobles...
7/28/2020 c30 Starwatcher2018
My sister-in-law had 10 pregnancies - 5 were miscarriages and one baby had a congenital disorder, dying at 18 months. Just want to encourage you to let these kids get pregnant and have a baby.

I like the way you handled the relationship between Gustave and Lara. The description of Gustave looking like Erik was right on the mark.
7/18/2020 c29 Starwatcher2018
Definitely a difficult event to write - nicely done.
5/4/2020 c27 Ssssssssaaaaaaaaammmmmmm
Sooo good! I’m hooked. I hope you keep writing!
3/27/2020 c24 Starwatcher2018
This was a very sweet chapter and it's clear how much it means to you. Very touching with wonderful bits of humor.
3/26/2020 c23 Starwatcher2018
I'm glad to see Adele will be included in the story. You took a lot of the darkness out of the Persia memories. Interesting take, especially Erik's attraction to the Khanum.
3/20/2020 c22 Guest
How is it possible for a human to cry so much over 1 chapter? You truly are an amazing author
3/15/2020 c22 Starwatcher2018
Very sweet. Can't wait to see what happens with Adele and Nadir.
3/2/2020 c21 Starwatcher2018
This was a very moving and lovely telling of a difficult situation.
2/27/2020 c20 Honor Weber
Can you write a review before a fan fiction is complete I dunno but I just have to say I love this fanfic. I love all the moments with Eric and gustav . And all the OCs feel well written . Chapter 20 made me cry for an OC that's how well written it is.
2/24/2020 c20 Starwatcher2018
So sad about William. I liked the addition about the Russian royal family and having Erik being a part of their lives through the music box.
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