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for The Fairytale Reformulation

5/4 c2 2SittingTooClose
I LOVE seeing people’s reactions to aurora’s parents. You write beautifully and I can’t wait to read more!
1/29 c2 raizamaia
Thank you so much for this fic! It's amazing and real!

I got so disappointed with the second film, I agree with everything you said.

Keep going please ️️️
1/24 c2 Anon
Oh my gosh, I LOVE your characterizations. Maleficent's possessiveness/protectiveness of Diaval makes perfect sense and I love how understanding both he and Aurora are of the situation. I can't wait to see where this story goes. You are a gifted writer.
1/23 c2 3rissawolf95
Secondly, I adore your writing and eagerly await more! Your descriptions are so enchanting. You never ramble or add in trite nonsense (which I feel happened in MoE. Screentime was ROBBED from Diaval and given to Sonic's tittering, long lost cousin. A crime of the highest order, if I say so myself! He deserved more character development. Even Maleficent became a shell of herself, I was so disappointed. Now I'm just ranting, sorry! Thank you for putting so much thought and love into retelling the sequel. What you've written so far is wonderful.
1/23 c2 rissawolf95
Can I just say, I absolutely share your sentiments about Mistress of Evil. While it was a colorful cinematic experience, it lacked the emotional weight and true heart of Maleficent.
12/2/2019 c1 2SittingTooClose
This was great! I love Diaval, he doesn’t get enough love in the movies! Thanks for writing!

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