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for We Are Each Given a Gift

8/19 c13 2fantome57
Can you repost this chapter after cleaning the edition, cause it's hard to read it like that.
8/9 c13 Ravenclawgamer
There appears 5o be a glitch, am I the only one seeing this?
8/9 c13 50michelous
cant read too many edit marks
8/8 c13 10Ruby Silverstar
You may want to check this chapter. It's great, but it's transferred code from the format you copy and pasted it and a pain to read right now.
6/1 c11 Slick
It’s nice to have you back! Just do what you can, don’t over work yourself :)
5/30 c11 Blue blade 16
Ok I loved Callum’s little panicking session there it was hilarious. Also keep up the good work million join the story. Stay safe
5/29 c10 CrazyFrog
Ahh! So good! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
5/29 c11 Ruby Silverstar
Aaah! I'd actually forgotten I was following this story and you finally updated! Yay!

I was very disappointed to find out this is the only story of its kind in this fandom, so I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait for you to update.
Be careful with your fingers! I was recently diagnosed with white finger syndrome (where fingers and toes randomly lose blood flow and go numb), which is caused by a lot of repetitive motion such as crochet/knitting and typing, so be careful!

I can't wait for you to update again!

5/26 c10 ConcernedAlpaca
Are you okay? It’s been more than two months...
5/15 c10 X
It’s really are you going to continue it . Please continue it .
5/15 c10 Guest
I really like it I really want it to continue
5/10 c10 Wolf The SkyWing
Need more of this like I need season 4 to hurry it up! HURREH OWO
5/7 c10 267839
This is awesome! Do you do regular updates?
5/6 c10 UwU
Howdy! This is a great book. I was wondering if you were discontinuing it? Obviously I hope it doesn’t end this early, but I would completely understand if it did. Again, this is a great book! I hope you’re doing well.
4/4 c1 114Gracekim20
It’s a cool idea and I think it fits the world well;)
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