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for Truth Hurts

12/24/2019 c1 kunf'you'z-ed
This is sooo cute and funny! I love it and Draco would be exactly this outraged and mad at the betrayal from Harry. I love how he uses the kids too to get his revenge on Harry, even when he did the same to them. Thanx so much for this! Bye!
12/16/2019 c1 10Satanisafangirl20
This is utter perfection and I love it!
12/15/2019 c1 12I know okay
12/1/2019 c1 12SensiblyTainted
Hi! *waves happily* Missed you! I can't wait to read this one-shot! I haven't read anything in the HP world in months!

This is a great opening! The pace is really excellent. The effect of having shite by itself and then on one line really sped up how I read it at the end, which gave it a real cool effect of suspense. :D

OMG! I love when you take mundane imagery - like a dripping facet - and turn it into something ominous and exciting! Your descriptions are always so delicious! It felt really uniform, too. Facets and his eyes like knives - it kept the imagery so uniform and brilliant...

Oooooh what did Harry say? I'm on the edge of my seat here!

LOL! They're married! So cute! I love how fierce Draco is here and how Harry just wants to run. *giggles madly at the cuteness*

Hahaha! I love the line "To be fair" - Poor sweet Harry always holding on to what's "fair". Good luck with that with Draco... *giggles some more*

OMG! So domestic. I can TOTALLY see Harry being good a cooking - unfortunately he had a lot of practice as a kid - and Draco wanting to be good at it too - he's competitive after all - and not quite measuring up. Ooooh must burn Draco even as he loves Harry for his homemaking skills.

How is Draco so cute? So proud of himself for his cleverness - and it's like the most common thing in the world! *dies laughing and trying to squeeze the precious boy through the screen*

OMG! *gasps* Harry! You didn't! Say it's not so! *rolls with laughter, tears streaming down my cheeks* Why the heck would you tell him?! This is doubly funny because Harry was thinking he shouldn't say anything - KNOWING Draco would be mad - and that thought didn't catch up to his mouth it seems. *shakes head fondly*

"You've been vegging me?!" *gasping for breath* Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff?!

I seriously can't! This is such gold. This is an argument that thousands - no millions! - of couples have all around the world. It feels so homey and real and it just melts me to the core!

It pains me to see it end, but at the same time I can't deny the utter perfection that this is. You've worked your magic again, Dear One! *Stands up applauding* BRAVO!

11/28/2019 c1 49mykkila09
never seen Parks and Rec, but I did see the gif set on tumblr and this was just perfect and omg the two P&R character aesthetically they are Harry and draco lol. This was great

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