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4/20 c9 Guest
Let see – Callum and Rayla (as naïve and inexperienced teenagers) decide to wander around in Duren unprepared looking for dark magic (DM) bad guys ... and have their first confrontation with these DM bad guys ... and are totally surprised/caught off-guard with no effective way to fight a DM mage ... and totally get their assess kicked and get captured. They haven’t arranged for any “good guy” back up/rescue force (dragons, elves, Queen Aanya’s soldiers or all of the above) with some “good” magic powers …. so they are totally screwed and both likely to get tortured/maimed/killed at the end of chapter 9. Except I guess you’re going to tweak the plot so that they miraculously escape from certain death and survive to fight in future chapters/stories? Not the best conceived and written story it could have been.
12/18/2021 c2 55WyldClaw
powerful beginning
9/15/2020 c3 DracoDraconis55
Here I thought I hated Viren the most of any character but good job...you made a character that I personally want to fire a nuclear missle at...Aureum Umbra can honestly go FK himself with the rustiest metal object he can find

Wipe out all humans my bleeding asshole...hes Just Viren as a dragon basicly
6/27/2020 c11 Mateusz Weryski
yea so now I read it and I'm pretty sure that Thot will be Rayla's first kill... I really hope that Rayla will forgive him, I just want them to be happy... :c
3/10/2020 c11 Brenne
I just finished reading this story! I REALLY look forward to reading more on Eye of the Storm! XD
3/4/2020 c10 XxDeath01xX
Can't wait for season 5!
2/14/2020 c10 Aztrel
Wasn't expecting to find a decent Dragon Prince fanfic but you surprised me. Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
1/29/2020 c10 20Lennox13

Pretty good.

And the magic in this universe kind of feels like one has to learn the 'true name' of the arcanum. To know the magic is to know every side of it. I wonder if that's why the cube has six sides? Because each arcanum interacts and affects with another, none can exist by itself or apart. Which is why in Callum's mindscape, to learn the Sky arcanum, he had to explore all of its facets. I'm def thinking too hard about this.

Oh well, thanks for writing!
1/29/2020 c9 Lennox13
Oh no!

This was a great chapter, by the way. This entire fic has been really good, actually, and you've managed to keep to the essence of the show. I hope S4 happens, irl.
1/29/2020 c8 Lennox13
Oooh, or what if Belt and Zeron are like the same person? Like astral projection, and illusions?

Haha, and you always save the 'nastier' bits for last. Definitely appreciate it. :)
1/29/2020 c7 Lennox13
Interesting. Belt and Zeron's intentions intrigue me. I hope they're not bad. Especially Belt - I hope he is just an oddball and not heading off to find Viren or something. And Zeron... I hope is just a very good spy.
1/29/2020 c6 Lennox13
I didn't even comment on that first remark made by Callum about dark magic, about how easy it is and how humans would gravitate towards that - so astute and like, well said.

And then... I think a morality test, or lie test, or I don't know, intelligence test, would have been good? Which is why I really liked the Bosor (?) guy, because he showed a bit of patience and cunning, and planning, which is always an asset in a group of warriors where they might rely heavily on adrenaline and instincts. Fighting prowess is good, and it is good to fight to your strengths, but the best should also be adaptable. Like when Rayla was put under pressure to face her water fear to do the right thing? It showed both how she acted under pressure, where her loyalties lay, and that she could adapt; was not stuck in her ways.

And then... what else? Ugh, yes, the dark mages. Gosh, as if the politics weren't enough. Now they'll have this to contend with as well. I guess they hold potential as the 'common enemy' the elves and humans can unite against, but still. I'm just tired of people needlessly chasing power. I think I have been spending too much time on cartoons and action and fantasy - time for some Studio Ghibli or something. ;) Haha, but yeah, I'm also really sad about Claudia. I mean, I didn't like her, per se, but she'd grown on my and she reminded me of like the Avatar trio (Azula, Mai, Ty Lee) rolled into one. And I really thought she was going to get her redemption arc. I wonder, do you think all dark mages go through a similar test of character or moral dilemma as Callum? Or was it just because he has such a good heart or already had a connection with an arcanum? Hmmh.

I'm ecstatic for Soren's though. What a relief! For all his jokes and bluster, he is a skilled fighter and he has a good heart. He is smart, I think, but I also think his idiot persona is his greatest asset - people will continue to underestimate him.

The question I also have, and I probably need to look this up, but it's like 00:37 and I'm going to forget, but does the fandom have any theories on Callum's father? I mean, I literally joined like two days ago... so.

Anyway, really great chapter. Which, I guess, is probably all you actually want to hear. ;)
1/28/2020 c5 Lennox13
Ugh, politics. Even dragons have to dirty their claws it seems. I always feel so frustrated when people can't just forgive or contemplate second chances or judge character instead of something as arbitrary as race or ethnicity. Oh well, lovely writing. And great characterisation.
1/28/2020 c4 Lennox13
Great job! This is really good.
1/28/2020 c3 Lennox13
Oh, this was fantastic! The characters were spot on, once again great pace, and the plot, indeed, thickens.

It hurts. Because well, this has already been written, so I want to enthuse and comment and, I guess, I'll just have to wait and see. Part of the fun, I guess. I am SOOOO excited about the magic bit, though, because I thought it was really well done in the series - Callum's discovery of the arcanum. I wonder which one will be next? I think he is pretty close to Moon? Especially after Claudia's betrayal and Soren's redemption - I think this would influence Callum's view of 'appearances' and illusion. Or Ocean. He seems more aligned with the 'cooler' elements. I think he'd love learning Earth, and I don't know much about Stars, but Sun feels a bit at odds with his essence.

And whoops, I couldn't contain the enthuse.

2 Questions and 2 Suggestions:
1Q The bird, which I am assuming contains the soul of the king, which I assume Ez would understand - where is it?
2Q (possibly nothing to do with you; my memory is terrible) What happened with the souls Virren had captured and may they please be brought back?
1S 'red as a beet' possible typo
2S 'fuss' in this context, not 'fuzz'

You have tackled one of the greatest challenges in this type of cartoon - what happens to the romance no longer fueled by adventure, adrenaline and necessity? You seem to be doing a marvellous job so far!

I am honestly so impressed with this! My first Dragon Prince fic, and it's so good!
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