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3/25 c1 43KagamiPINKAgreste
Just damn... your on a fanfiction greatness roll here. MBC people need to get back in the groove. I re-visited many episodes on YouTube just this last week. Continuing to get my Danny/Cathy feeling back, so LOVE it and DEFINITELY this one-shot.

Understandable things may not be Canon. But hey that's usual more fun anyhow. "Goodbye Earth" episode left SO MUCH to the imagination and unanswered. Their species difference is ALWAYS the tear jerker. In the statement: "Great job guys" Samantha complimented his friends, - her INSTEAD of his... See?
1/4 c1 5getintothegroove
I can't believe my eyes! Someone posted a story to the MBC archive! Then I looked at the author and realized it's you! We chatted via Instagram a few months ago (I have to check it btw, love your memes :D) and I tried to encourage you to write more MBC stories or re-upload your old ones since they got deleted. I am very glad you posted this one-shot. The ending was sad but I hope they will work it out somehow, maybe in your next story? I also would be interested in reading about how Sam and Chris got together, as you mentioned them being a couple.

For that aging thing, I've always thought that Cathy's 700 years equals 12 human years and thus she would age naturally while being on Earth, morphed as a human. If she were on Earth for five more years, she would technically be 1000 years old in Rhapsodian years, but she would look like a 17-year-old in her human appearance. But who knows, either way, I am glad you contributed to this almost dead archive and I hope for reading more from you!

Get Into The Groove

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