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for What You Do Afterwards: Season Five

10/21 c90 christinedestler
Amazing. I can't believe it's finally finished! Thank you for sticking with the series and not abandoning halfway through like so many authors do. It must have been a huge undertaking! I literally teared up when you finished it with Doyle saying the words, "Is that it? Am I done?" and taking on a hopeful note for his and Cordy's bright future instead of the soul crushing sadness of the original series. Thank you, and well done!
10/17 c90 2TheNerdyUnhealthyBrit
Ugh! I feel so empty now that I’ve gone through all 5 seasons. I really should’ve put a review after every season but I kept having to move onto the next one.

I really enjoyed reading them, I think your rewrites of S3 and S4 were my favourites out of your rewrites. Especially with how you rewrote the Jasmine stuff to avoid Cordy sleeping to Connor.

As for S5, I also enjoyed it, while I understand Cordy/Doyle were on a different path, I do wish they they converged with Angel and the Wolfram and Hart storyline more. Like I didn’t expect that to last the whole season. I thought something would happen to put one of them or both of them with the rest of the team.

When it was revealed that Cordy was a slayer, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about that. There were times in which I liked it and times I didn’t.

But overall, damn I love Cordy and Doyle. I miss them and am still mad at the wasted potential on the show.

I was hoping as I was reaching the end of S5 that you’d consider doing a S6 based off the comics, plans for S6 and your own ideas with Cordy and Doyle in it. Like LA being sent to hell.

However, reading the ending, you do provide a bit of closure and a S6 with LA in Hell and Cordy and Doyle not with the gang would be weird, not to mention Wesley is now dead.

Unless of course you retcon it. Anyway, this is my way of asking to please continue, I need more Cordy/Doyle fanfics and adventures. Whether it’s part of the same universe or a different story.
7/7 c90 Guest
That last line! Oh my heart! Thank you so much for writing this. I've never come across a Doyle lives fiction that goes all the way to the end before and this one has been epic! I'm gong to miss this story so much. Well done for writing it, it shows mad dedication. You're a star!
7/7 c90 1Flickerflame8
I'd have expected Willow to have done something to interfere in the battle, given that she's now all-powerful. This didn't really feel like any more closure than the canon final scene.
7/7 c90 3MerlockVonBaron
that was interesting
7/7 c90 58garfieldodie
That was lovely. Well done. Still hoping for a future fic where they've raised Connor to adulthood and we get to see him defeat Salahjan, but you deserve a rest after this. Looking forward to whatever you write in future.
7/6 c89 3MerlockVonBaron
any chance of a cordy doyle spinoff
7/6 c89 58garfieldodie
Oh man, so many things to say.

First of all, I just turned thirty today, so this was one of the best birthday presents I could've gotten. Thanks.

Second, bummed you still killed Wes, but I'm relieved Lorne didn't have to kill Lindsey, and they both made it to the alleyway.

Third, good use of Doyle's mini-beacon. Hope it doesn't take too long to recharge so they can keep using it lol

Last, this has been a helluva ride. Glad you made it the whole way. It's totally inspiring that you managed to rewrite five entire seasons. Gives me hope that I'll eventually finish my Buffy AU fic where Jesse McNally doesn't get killed in the pilot. But that's another story lol

Anyway - this has been incredible. See you tomorrow for the epilogue
7/5 c88 garfieldodie
Personally, I'm hoping Angel goes and helps Wesley, but that's just me.

Y'know, it's weird, but the one character I'm a little disappointed you never brought back is Whistler. Seeing as how he was meant to be Angel's sidekick originally but had to be replaced with Doyle when the actor proved unavailable, and also as the title of the story is based on one of his quotes, it would've been cool to have him check in on things. But hey, small potatoes.

See ya tomorrow!
7/4 c87 3MerlockVonBaron
oh crap willow is now trapped

but hey with doyle now alive i think you should do a spinoff
7/4 c87 1Flickerflame8
Willow as a higher power? Interesting.
7/4 c87 58garfieldodie
LOL should've guessed you'd want to remove Willow from existence. But at least she seems happy with her new fate.

And I'm glad to see Wesley had stuff to live for this time, even without Fred.
7/3 c86 1Flickerflame8
When I read the bit about Doyle glowing, I was had this dreadful reminder of what had happened to Cordy. And then I read the end! Please don't make it so that Doyle effectively dies now that his destiny is fulfilled, just when he and Cordy are free to be happy. It'd be too cruel. Really hoping you've a twist in mind.
7/3 c86 58garfieldodie
So wow. That seems a little unfair to Doyle. The PTB can be such douches sometimes lol But kudos for saving Kali. Felt weird to just leave her in a coma. But I do hope he gets to go home. Feels a little too cruel to just yank him away the day after his wedding.

Also - I'm hoping Lindsey is spared this go 'round. His motivations are much more sympathetic here than they were in canon.
6/30 c1 Guest
Oh wow - I can't believe we're here! I've been reading since the beginning, it's been such a huge journey!

I've got such a huge smile on my face after the Doyle and Cordelia scene. They've come so far and they really deserve to be so happy. I'm really interested to see what changes will happen to the Angel story line as well, what will he do with Connor? What will happen about Lindsey? Will Wesley survive? Eeek! I wish it was next week already, but I don't want this to be over.
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