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for What You Do Afterwards: Season Five

6/29 c85 1Flickerflame8
This was beautiful. I was pretty certain that Doyle would have succeeded in rewiring the beacon, but still :) Good to have it confirmed.

I also like the idea of Angel still giving Connor up to protect him. Wonder what the plan is, though. I'm not sure who he could turn to in order to succeed with that sort of spell - unless you're doing a bit of a crossover and having him contact Willow? Obviously Wolfram & Hart won't be doing it as in canon, or they'd easily be able to reverse the memory spell/track the kid down.
6/29 c85 58garfieldodie
Damn. We're so close to the end. You sure you don't wanna do the comics just for the hell of it?

But anyway, this is going to be interesting. I'm excited to see what your ultimate endgame is. My theory is that Doyle and Cordy get Connor, and Wes dies but in the company of the real Fred. Real curious what's gonna happen with Lilah, if she'll go the same way as Eve. And Lindsey, who has different motivations this time, so would he even need to be killed?

Anyway, I'm excited. See you on Friday!
6/27 c83 1Flickerflame8
I like what you're doing with Cordy and Doyle and the Scourge. The writing is really tense and scary, and the idea of this attack being timed for their wedding day is just painful. I wasn't sure about the idea of returning to the Scourge initially - I didn't believe they were true demons travelled from another dimension like you have here, more like hypocritical demons who believe they're more "pure" than others when in truth they all have some human ancestry - but you're right, defeating the Scourge/their beacon was Doyle's destiny and turning full circle in this way works well.
6/26 c82 58garfieldodie
Call me crazy, but the one whose fate I'm really curious about is Harmony. Since she's not sleeping with Hamilton, I wonder if she's still going to betray Angel.
6/22 c81 garfieldodie
The truth about Wesley and Fred that I think we all knew but chose to ignore. Well done. Loved the juxtaposition between them and Doyle/Cordy.

Can't believe there's only two episodes left. It's gonna be weird having this done. Gonna have to write my own fics to fill the void lol
6/21 c80 garfieldodie
I'm calling it right now - Wes still dies in the finale.
6/20 c79 garfieldodie
Man, the Doyle/Fred scenes were really well-written, and also very poignant. I hope her and Wes' problems can be solved with a good talk, but even if they don't work out, at least she's alive for them to find that out for themselves.
6/19 c78 garfieldodie
WOOT! You're back! And we're in the home stretch now! YOU CAN DO IT!
6/15 c77 3MerlockVonBaron
Cant wait till the rest of the episodes come out and damn angel goin to have to come clean bout what he's up to
5/18 c77 58garfieldodie
Yayyyyy! Man, I was checking my phone all through work, but you timed it for right when I walked through the door of my house. Well done.

And yay, this is a great place to leave it for now. Fred's Fred again, but with enough powers left to still fulfill Illyria's role in the last few episodes. And I'm glad she and Wes are still together - even if he still kinda owes her an apology, but we'll get to that lol.

Good luck getting your steam back. The Girl in Question is such a weird episode, but so much Angel and Spike fun.
5/12 c73 Guest
It's getting so close to the end! Everything's ramping up. Great chapter as always. I hope Wesley can save Fred.
5/11 c73 garfieldodie
Damn. I wondered how you'd make this episode work, and I'm very impressed. Although, I'm still wondering what will happen with Sahjhan this time, if anything at all.

The ending with Fred was a gutwrencher, but I'm hoping the next episode will see her all right. I'm also still not one hundred percent convinced Wesley will survive the finale, but hey, fingers crossed. Even if Wes and Fred wouldn't have worked in the long run, they still should've found out for themselves instead of being ripped apart like that.
5/8 c70 the-mini-muse
Ohhh why did I read this episode early. It's super good too and totally different from what the original episode was suppose to be. I think because it's the conner episode right ? Can it be Monday so I can read the rest of the episode ? lol Looking very promising though. Wait. Does that mean this series is ending in like a month?! Nooooo...Wahhhh I think I'm gonna cry when it ends but it's so good and you've put so much time and energy crafting this masterpiece.

Also The Girl in Question is coming up too. Would you be doing the whole they keep missing Buffy or will she officially make a cameo again?
5/5 c69 1Flickerflame8
Wes is getting better now (at last). He's actually trying to help Fred rather than moping about and drowning his sorrows!

I've suddenly got the idea that, rather than killing the Deeper Well guy (forgotten his name already), Angel will complete his fake evil routine by turning away Doyle and Cordy's eventual request for help, abandoning them to the Scourge.
5/4 c69 the-mini-muse
There he is, ughhhh I missed Wesley. Grieving Wesley was just too sad. Bookman. This was such a great episode. I think it was perfect. Everyone's scenes were (chefs kiss)

I mean you know how much I LOVE your series but for some reason I think this may be one of my favorite episodes because it highlights everyone and really shows how much has changed since the beginning of the series. How much growth each person has and where they are currently at in the story - still fighting the good fight. They've taken so many hits and this last one with Fred was a big one. But they know they can't give up and it really encapsulate what the show is about.

oh well there I went off on a tangent - anywayyyyys loved it :)
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