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for Honest Trailers: Terminator: Dark Fate

5/3 c1 6ShadowTRPR25
All I can say is... IKR. Probably the only good part of Dark Fate was John Connors death, (not saying I approved) but really, it was the only part that grabbed my attention. Everything else was just a bomb ass recreation of T-2, just as the other movies have been. They’ve all been complying the same formula since 1991.

1. Complex and unrealistic machine gets sent back from the future to kill someone important.
2. Resistance manages to somehow send back a T-800 because that’s all they can get their hands on.
3. Arnold gets a paycheck for 5 million bucks to act out some old machine with the typical leather jacket and small shades routine.
4. After a long and drawn out movie, Arnold holds down the killer to some sort of explosive, and blows up with a last minute catch-fraise referencing T-2.
5. They drive off into the sunset in a replica 70’s Jeep.

*sigh* I’m disappointed with the franchise indeed. Oh...and one more thing. What happened to T-4 Genysis? I guess that movie didn’t matter either.
5/26/2020 c1 Guest
I feel ya, man.

I can't believe that John Connor got killed like that either. That should've started a time paradox like in Back To the Future Part II.

Another example of "She don't need no man!" bullshit creeping into movies where it isn't needed. Sarah Connor was already a "strong empowered female," damn it! Hell, call me a misogynist if you will, but that seems to be the only things female characters are allowed to be these days, without vulnerability or humanity...and to me, that's even worse than making them "damsels in distress."

Another thing: I saw a "making-of" documentary where Tim Miller said that John Connor "was just some kid with potential." The leader of the human resistance, "just" someone with "potential"? What an insult! Even the third through fifth movies were better than that!

If there ever is another Terminator film, I hope it's one where the aforementioned time paradox acts as a reset button. Or better yet, a movie where Skynet sends a Terminator to kill Tim Miller.
12/26/2019 c1 10jcott3
Don't hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel (ha-ha).
12/8/2019 c1 Guest
LOL! I haven't seen this latest shit show because of the reviews, and now I am not so sure I want to watch it when it comes on Dish six years from now.

Well, mom's paying for it monthly, so we'll watch it, she'd watch an all night goat fucking simply because of that rationale.

Maybe now that Arnold is through making this latest travesty, he'll get off his wrinkly ass and make the last Conan the Barbarian movie before all of his muscle starts to droop and look like the wingspan of a geriatric pterodactyl.

The last movie in the purported trilogy, the last Conan movie was supposed to show Conan in his later years, and we see the consequences of the life he led after the destruction of Thulsa Doom, murderer of his parent and entire culture, and his snake cult.

Instead we saw the consequences Arnold faced after he slept with a woman who was not his wife. Goddamn, Arnold, you're a famous millionaire ex-governor of California, if you're going to cheat on your wife, swap up for Christ's sake! Rich people don't need to sleep with an extra from "Critters".

Not the poor kid's fault, but I swear to God, if Maria Shriver needed proof of Arnold's infidelity, all she needed to do was look at the housekeeper's son.

The Kennedy family must have some genetic inability to see bad shit a'comin', because every generation is racked by some kind of "Uh oh, turning into Oh, SHIT!" moment.

Glad the advent calendar is back, as well as you, oh roasty one!
12/1/2019 c1 13RapiDe
The only two I disagree with is, first, the Brie Larson comment. Powerhouse or not, her Captain Marvel is one character is one of very many indeed. She cause problems? She'll be sidelined so fast it'll make your eyes cross. The other is X-Men-this is the last of the "prequels" so the entire cast will be changed out when the franchise is absorbed into the MCU. Hopefully, that'll fix the problems. Gabriel Luna will survive, though-he was easily the best thing in "Terminator: Dark Fate" and he WAS Ghost Rider. I look forwards to seeing where he goes next.

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