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for Retaliation

2/10 c1 The Inquisitor
Despite not being the God-Emperor’s Glorious Imperium of Man bringing is might against the heretical Mouse, I approve of this.
Should’ve used Exterminatus on the corrupted worlds though, just to be safe.
12/24/2019 c2 Cooldude
So true
12/25/2019 c1 jjcoop95
If only this was true
12/22/2019 c1 Guest
12/15/2019 c1 16wolf master97
You have no idea how fing satisfying that was to just READ! As a diehard fan of SW I was livid over the laziness of disney in the sequel films and pissed at their treatment of the expanded universe. So reading it being taken back, that was much needed catharsis by proxy.
12/11/2019 c1 cevsti2
I will say this it was awesome, so yes please a sequel, just I have no idea what crossover or fanfic you will use. Ether way thanks for the story.
12/10/2019 c1 FORGEMaster
That was genius

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