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11/4 c40 Guest
I want explicit scenes please
11/4 c40 Genesis09
So Sasuke’s got a thing for Uzumaki women.
10/28 c40 Brazilianotaku
So no karin?
Fuu out of question?
Tayuya is endgame?
10/28 c12 guest
this version of sauke is such a little bitch and i didnt think that was even possible, its like your going out of your way to make him look as pathetic as possible. why is he acting like a desperate bandit? any time a named character pops up hes shaking in his boots with fear and even the unnamed characters seem to spit in his face without retaliation. his team name has changed from snake to rat
10/28 c6 guest
Ah the old lets make the mc a borderline retard so the story can move in the direction I want it to, always a charmer that one
10/26 c40 Allen Dragneel
Once again, thank you for the chapter.
10/23 c40 mickeysofine
Strongly dislike how you've written the reunion between Sasuke and Naruto.
10/23 c40 Abused Condom
Eyyoo do I need to call the police? Your writing of the toxic abusive boyfriend is realistically good...
10/22 c40 Noone cares if u disagree
i recommend ao3
10/21 c40 lukkia
I have enjoyed this. looking forward to the next update
10/21 c40 EmaCnDf
So at the end of the day he will be a chummy retard with naruto like in the anime? what are the 40 chapters for, i had hoped that he would kill itachi and come to konoha and be a ninja maybe, but get in a bromance with naruto like in anime? what its your endgame in this anime because i see nothing bro.
10/21 c40 myafroatemydog
Pretty great chapter glad you are back.
10/21 c40 LezarioFanficio
Qq link is broken btw
10/21 c40 LezarioFanficio
Thanks for the chapter, this story is still fantastic, though id like it if sasuke was abit less edgy.. or would that detract from his sasukeness? Lmao, liked the Tayuya moments though, she’s a pretty cool character you’ve done.
10/21 c40 Regtech
This is great! The ship is sailing! Noe, if only he could get stronger faster
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