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3/5 c12 Guest
Good chapter name the firstborn naruto
2/23 c12 4KnightsKing
*sips tea waiting for a God to get his crap rocked* love the story and the premise, its different and unique. Keep up the good work! -
2/9 c12 Pritoss
The extra thing Amaterasu wanted to tell Kurama is, that whoever beats Susanoo marries Yasaka instead right?
Well this is gonna be fun.

Also Yasaka's and Kurama's first son? I mean it has to be Naruto.
2/5 c12 Some random guy on the interne
I really like this story and am already looking forward to the next chapter.

As for Kurama and Yasaka's children, i think Kurama would name them after one of the other Tailed Beasts, Hagaromo and Naruto
1/30 c5 2Nightmare Omega
FUCK YOU I FOR PUTTING THAT IN MY HEAD! I really want a Remastered Asura's Wrath now it would be amazing!
1/23 c1 Guest
Names huh, well I agree with the others suggesting Shuichi , the name makes sense "First Circuit" (for their first *round* hehe, ok imma leave now).

He's aslo easy to visualize since he's also a fox demon (if I remember correctly) from Yu Yi Hakusho, not to mention that his looks (kinda reminds you of Kurama with a mix of feminine demeanor from Yasaka) can be attributed to both his parents.

Plus, no offense to the other guys and gals out there, in my opinion, naming the child Naruto or Hagoromo would be a bit akward. Since only Kurama (and his siblings) know them.
1/16 c12 Guest
Can't wait for the next chapter author-san! Very glad this fic is still ongoing.
1/15 c12 Shu Ouma GC
Naru will be the name :)
1/14 c12 Guest
So, are we going to see the dragon gods in this?
1/13 c12 Guest
Naruto, nuff said
1/13 c12 Ryouta
Dipercepat kelanjutannya min
1/12 c12 GXFIB
Continue this, i love it! and don't worry about haters, they hate what they can't achieve!
1/12 c12 Kiyama
Name for sons?...
First i should chose Tamamo as older sister and the powerfull one, red hair yellow eyes.
Second, Kunou, Kitsune blonde with red tips.
Third, Senko, also blonde kitsune.
1/12 c12 carlorafaeldesouzaarevalo
Eldest son: Sakazuki - Akainu: Magma, Fire, Plasma, Bolt-Lightning-Thunder, Wind, Earthquake powers.

Younger daughter: KunĊ - Chibi-hime: Fox Fire, Wind, Bolt-Lightning-Thunder powers.
1/11 c12 5Xeno01
Thanks so much for the new chapter!
Reading it was amazing and satisfying.
Although there are some spelling mistakes, it was good enough.
The interactions between the biju are fantastic, now that they have humanoid bodies they have developed truly original personalities. Shukaku, for example, has become a nice pervert.
Matatabi is also great, I always imagine her as an older version of Kuroka with her hair down and more inclined towards direct combat. I think she and Yasaka are rivals in more ways than one, considering her reaction to her brother's comment about the golden fox's good looks.
Amaterasu shouldn't blame herself if the diplomacy with the devils went badly, many aristocrat demons would in any case continue to attack the yokai to reincarnate new members or just for fun, case in point the nekoshou clan in canon that was exterminated.

This timeline is not aligned with that of "Empress Red Dragon", as in that timeline Shirone Tojo was reincarnated as a demon by Rias, which occurred following the demise of the nekomata clan. Which would never happen in this timeline for two reasons: first, with the existence of Matatabi Tojo the death of the nekomata clan is impossible, second, even if Rias tried to reincarnate her in more peaceful circumstances our Biju would massacre her and anyone else demon tries to reincarnate her little sister.

I personally think Kanou is sufficient as Kurama's daughter with him spoiling and pampering her, but she also teaches her the responsibilities of a Yokai leader and keeping people like Issei at arm's length.
If Kanou has an older sister she might call her Kagome. ;)

I can't wait to see the next chapter, Susanoo is about to get a beating. I wonder if some other interesting characters will appear, I hope Sesshomaru appears and meets Matatabi. lol
Next time we'll see Shin Yokai crash a wedding, with a real entrance!
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