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for Shin Yokai

2/9 c13 Guest
I respectfully ask that you continue making this story
2/5 c13 Guest
I hope you can continue making this next Chapter
This fictional story is very good
12/13/2023 c13 Guest
You know it's funny. Kurama fighting Susanoo like Asura is awesome, but also his Japanese Voice Actor was the original Japanese Voice of Kratos, who also hates and fights Gods. That is just freaking awesome.
12/1/2023 c6 1VincentFS
This is so ass lmao
11/2/2023 c13 Hatred and Love
I recall how you said there would be certain minor crossovers with blades like Zangetsu. Gonna assume the Muramasa sword that Kurama has will be like that of a Zanpakuto? Particularly the spirit within the sword aspect? Cause that would be pretty cool.
11/1/2023 c2 Kaleidoscope's Beauty
While in the legends Susanoo did cause trouble and cause grief to Amaterasu. But didn't he redeem himself when he got exiled and killed Yamata no Orochi and gifted his sister Amaterasu the Kusanagi no Tsurugi? I'm sure they became on good terms when Susanoo came back from exile, at least in the legends.

Why is he being a dick here?
11/1/2023 c2 The Loud Person
You know I'm really glad that you are having the Shinto Faction being more involved. Cause it really dumbfounds how Japanese Gods like Amaterasu didn't get involved when a lot of shit happened in Kuoh. I mean this is their land and they were the ones who let the Devils live in the territory to supervise, yet when Kokabiel nearly started another War by attacking two sisters of the Maous, they didn't get do shit.

And honestly the should be no excuse for Sirzechs and Serafall for allowing their inexperienced sisters venture into the world without adequate protection. Considering the reputation those two maou and their position, they should have realize that their siblings would always be targeted, regardless where they were. The fact that they allowed their siblings in the human world despite knowing this threat willingly, calls their judgement into question. Either it was incompetence, or willful negligence bordering on overindulgent nepotism at best.

Don't even get started on the flaws with the Evil Pieces and Stray Devils. I mean the reason Kuroka got branded as a S class Stray Devil is due to the fact the peerage she was in was that of a Noble, and considering how Nobles have this authority, nobody ever questioned them. And Kuroka was trying to save her sister due to horrid abusive fuck the leader of the peerage she was in.

So it's nice to see here, you don't hold anything back when it comes to how horrible Devils are in reigning in their worst parts of themselves. And Amaterasu getting pissed to the point that she kicked out Serafall and prevents Devils from settling in her homeland.
10/27/2023 c13 5DD-Returns101
Loved the Hellsing Abridged bit. Good chapters even if they felt a bit on the shorter side the last couple except for this one. Hoping for more in the future
10/26/2023 c13 djvshaw22
Adding another wife would ruin the whole thing going on with Him and Yaska. Some times, less is more lol
10/26/2023 c13 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
10/26/2023 c13 ShadowPhyr
come on the suspense is killing me, does he get the girl or not? (please don't t be not)
10/18/2023 c13 Protector for all
Having seen Senji Muramasa in Fate and his ideal sword to cut fate, Tsumukari Muramasa.

I really hope to see Kurama using Muramasa in action as the next chapter suggest. Cause it would be really awesome to see the sword's ability in action and the techniques that Kurama has developed with it.
10/10/2023 c13 Fewew
I am glad you're back amazing chap :)
About parings i still think Matatabi would be awesome second partner for Kurama :D
AND that Yuki Onna for Shukaku would be hilarious and fun to see how he apologize to her for that strip show and that blow :)
10/9/2023 c13 Lordsunshine64
Epic fight! thank you! kick his ass Kurama!
10/8/2023 c13 Fire turtle
Is kuruma going to use the Susanoo against Susanoo? Because I would be hilarious and ironic! Also do you think you could update 'Road to power' and 'Rose Dragon Empress' next? Those are my favorite.
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