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12/9/2019 c1 45RobertCop3
Yes! Your King/Mary bromance is a blessing on this fandom, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

So... this came out of left field. I thought the next time we saw King, she'd be cozying up with her cat, drinking wine straight from the bottle and texting Mary. The opening was very jarring, and then we realized what was happening... and then Mary came in and put King's bitch aunt in her place. God, that was so satisfying.

And she continued to be the perfect lady-bro throughout, making sure King got drugs, and then keeping her phone from her. So this fic had a lot of balance. Yes, Ryo knows now, but as King said, she owned it, and we get a nice reminder that friends are the family we get to choose. Mary stepped up, unlike King's fucking bitch aunt.

This was like an unpolished gemstone: rough all over on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. I will never get tired of reading your King and Mary.
12/4/2019 c1 26Rex Madison
"We've met before, but you wouldn't remember because you were too busy being trash."
- this might be my favorite line said by anybody ever. 8D

I'm a little torn with this one, which is part of why I hadn't reviewed yet. On the one hand, I kinda hate the story development; so much for King being in a better place now, heh. On the other, I'm curious about where it'll go - and optimistic, even. (Hey, I'M not the one that's gonna have to deal with broken ribs and an excruciating leg wound that's gonna leave a massive scar for months. ;P) How is this gonna change King's perspective, and the perspective of those around her? Especially Ryo, whose relationship with her is fragile enough as it is? It'll be interesting, but I don't see any of it becoming WORSE - just different, and maybe better. (...well, except maybe KING's perspective, lol.)

Either way, this's still more of your fantastic writing, intense drama, and trademark angst. King and Mary's bromance is love, and I can tell you love writing it; I wish I had something like that, hehe. The medical details were clear and well researched - as always, as Mantis pointed out. I disagree with Jojo, though: I think Maddy's meanness is sad and disappointing, but not gratuitous. She's just one of THOSE relatives, and thankfully she doesn't get too much screentime. ;)

Sad about the hiatus, but I get it/understand it. (I'm on a hiatus myself. ...I think.) Hopefully you'll get to stay in touch with us during, but if not, good luck with everything :) And either way, thanks for the read!
12/2/2019 c1 iwewia
Ooh, I was worried when I read the title, wanting to be wrong about the first impression but here we are. Poor Kingy.

With the way the last chapter ended I could totally see this coming. I mean, speed limit plus rain plus a pissed off King is a recipe for an accident indeed, adding to the dramatic "Ryo Situation" which had closure but is not quite over yet as it seems.

One thing I always noticed in your writing but don't remember commenting on is precisely the medical detail. You always place medication, biological information and hospital scenes with accuracy. This chapter feels different, like the beginning of another arc for the "Kingverse" (love that!) and displays your ability to write physicality just as well as emotion.
12/2/2019 c1 20SteveElOtaku
You do King so well! I honestly love your work!
12/2/2019 c1 134jojoDO
Gaaaaaah! This is such an appetizer T _ T

I was not expecting King to get into a car wreck and get messed up AGAIN (jeez illy, you're close to Rin levels of physically torturing your bae), I was hoping for maybe a segue into the thicker meat of this newfound Sakazaki drama, but... gah. What even is THIS?! Poor King has enough trouble, and now her body is rekt again! T _ T

Shoutout to Aunty cunt. Honestly, I wouldn't mind her being a little... better... in this situation. Forgive me illy, but her bitchiness is feeling a little gratuitous at times : / i noticed it in this chapter, when King is laying here in pain and agony. And when Mary came in and called her trash and yelled her to GET OUT... I was actually feeling sympathetic for the aunt. I mean... Aunt Maddy showed up. I feel like maybe this could have been a bit more than just her usual attitude. I almost felt something.

Anyways, the important thing here... I will always show support for you in your writing endeavors, illy. Even if you go on hiatus, it's not goodbye, but see you later. You will always have supporters to come back to, whenever the time is right. So good luck, and keep on being just cool, awesome... Illy. :D

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