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for A Hungering Soul

3/27/2020 c3 Katt31257
Seeing the word "sith" and I was done with this story. Wishing you all the best
1/26/2020 c1 Doctor Dandy
Maybe don't start it off with him captured and having been in the maggot's nest. Losers aren't interesting.
12/25/2019 c4 Pekula
Great chapter, and looks like he got some new "friends". Also, they finally noticed both him and his powers, let's see if he can deal with those weirdos.

I like how after his first real fight, you made him involved in all that thing with Menos Grande without taking a short break. He's slowly turning into a proper warrior/fighter, he's more and more trying to come up with ways to improve hismelf (even tho his lil parkour run injured him).

Uryu: Kurosaki, is that the guy from our school up there on the roofs? What is he doing?
Aldwin: (Oh I do parkoooouur! Aaaah!)
12/20/2019 c4 2PixelatedWriter342
Very good! Much like! Great wow! And with that taste of modern society I end this, admittedly, short review. Have a wonderful time trying to get the next chapter in this Sith AU of bleach. Ciao~ to you as well!
12/20/2019 c3 Pekula
You have no idea how hard it is to find such a good OC story, even harder when most of them make their SI/OC too damn strong, without any character development and without a damn backstory. Your guy fits so good as a student, and he has a very interesting family history (he's like one of those chill guys at school but in his house it's like a hell on earth).

I like your crossover AU idea, if I understood you'll implement SW things that will have a strong effect on the story of Bleach and change it's course (doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong, 'cause I like it so far :D ).

Pairings? We know what happens when you force romance (reason why people hate Sakura and Orihime :\/ ), so you could either go with slight tease things or go One Piece route (No.1 loves No.2 but No.2 don't care that much because of more important things). I feel like you wouldn't struggle writting some short "blushing" scenes where it's not too sexual but it looks like your OC and the girl are in some kind of shy/shy or shy/tease "not official realtionship" thing, if you know what I mean (they like each other but show it in a different/weird way). I kind of like "strong character" girls, so I would go with Son Fon, Yorouchi (really like those 2) or maybe Rukia. Feel like it wouldn't happen so soon (only if you push relationship with Yorouchi earlier (trolling as a cat maybe?)), and I'll respect your decisions. After all, it's our story. :]

This chapter (No.3) was great, loved the fact that you used is just for that first big hollow experience. He finally did things on his own, AND he started to take things seriously (training and thinking on his own how to win instead of running away from problems). I'm interested in his family/school/social relationships, will you take your time to develop some of them or will you (for now) focus on story and his development?

P.S. Hope you get more reviews, it's truly a really good story. :]
12/14/2019 c3 Lazymanjones96
Interesting stuff looking forward to more

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