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for Naruto Challenges

1/8/2021 c19 Borello
some story ideas sound great.
1/13/2020 c18 Guest
Konohas King of Beast

What if Naruto was the reincarnation of Kaido(One Piece) who retains his memories of his past life, grew up unaffected by the shunning of villagers, and train to regain his old strength.

Naruto is capable of easily controlling Kurama's chakra without negative side-effects due to his past experiences, he will be tall but not huge like his past life at least a head taller than people his age, wields his trusty kanabō and has both Fire and Lightning Affinity. Fire from his Bolo Breath in his old Dragon form and Lightning from his Raimei Hakke Kanabō attack.
1/8/2020 c1 KakeruPB
So pretty much Overpowered Naruto. They need to be gipped more at the beginning there genin. They don't need to be that strong at the get go. I can at least except low-mid chunnin but anymore than that it would just feel they had no life besides getting stronger.

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