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for Daphne's Letter from the Future

3/22 c25 HoneyBear84
Love it
3/17 c25 Mark Sinfield
2/28 c25 Pillager61
I loved it.
Got a few twists and turns, plus some old favorites.
I love the ending. It makes sense that magic couldn't hide forever.
2/22 c25 erozoth
Good, another short but well done overall. I like that the rushed plot its done well and in obvious attempt to keep it short but not in such a way that makes the story bad.
I still think the author favors Hermione too much, all of he strength from canon and none of the faults. Now she is the best researcher, best spell-creator (only), best spell-caster, just need to make her the best fighter. To compare, Harry is assumed to be the best fighter but it is never stated, in fact no particular strength is attributed to him (clearly written down).
2/22 c21 erozoth
I am curious how they actually do this, I assumed a bomb for the longest time, magical in nature or some gas.
I do hope this is not going to be some stupid bombarda and manually killing them one by one.
2/22 c20 erozoth
Doubt it matters.
I like the novels from the author, save for a few things:
1. Plot recycling. They are very similar, overall plot and many minor things.
2. Hermoine... same character all the time: supersmart (beyond canon), capable, logical, knowledgeable, she is perfect.
Harry? Not so much. Compared to Her, somewhat slow, dumb even, glorified Her all the time.
The only reason I don't like her much in this stories is because how outbalanced their character is.
Harry needs a letter from the future to help him function, Hermione is naturally Earth born superhuman.
She had clear defects in canon, all off which are ignored, and all her good attributes are dialed up.
Sounds like a rant, but I only point it out because it keeps repeating in all stories. Honestly, if once there was some mention how... demanding (and annoying) she can be at knowing things it would go a long way to make slightly more real of a character.
In this chapter for example is keeps being pointed how Harry reads a book, the moment a translation comes up? Hermione all the way, Harry is basically not doing much anymore, he is at best the grunt.
2/12 c17 11brigrove
Why have an American comic book hero, which Harry (and most muggleborns) would probably not have heard of as his costume instead of one of the more internationally known ones like superman, batman, Spiderman etc?
2/5 c20 Fick Chick
Why didn't HP give the others rune sheets to allow them to speak/read parseltounge too?
2/5 c15 Fick Chick
I thought Lee Jordan had to write lines with a blood quill in cannon.
2/1 c25 KoldT
Great story. Very enjoyable plot. Thank you.
1/28 c24 bobthebuilding
Wow... I have never seen Ron called *Mo*Ron before... how has no one came up with this before? 10/10 insult lol.
1/28 c16 bobthebuilding
Eh, I'm fine with Aurors/Hit Wizards carrying service pistols, but not the badges being from random police departments.

It'd only make sense for the badges to be MI-5 or something not limited to random police department justisdiction, and would also explain why they were carrying a pistol since most beat cops/small town cops don't carry pistols outside of special circumstances.
1/15 c25 Talonwalker
Very enjoyable story!
1/12 c22 111MomofPhoenix
Thank you for the earworm. I now have Kill Da Wabbit stuck in my head, immediately upon reading those words! lol!
1/7 c20 Guest
You have problems with consistency but it's a good story. I think you set too high a bar for all the little cute shit you wanted Harry to do with this arbitrary deadline approaching. I can tell your ending is going to feel stilted and rush but I hope it is at least colorful (Harry does something really BAD to Dumbledore or anything similar). That's sort of a problem I've noticed with you AU writers when you make Dumbledore more evil, or just as evil as Voldemort: y'all can't stick a landing that feels achieved. I don't mind super jump powerups and finding hidden books or magic but there's been nothing but child play like wit and a few moments of "You're not the boss of me" moments in this story rather know, getting at Dumbledore or Voldemort or Snape or Malfoy Senior (Draco, Bellatrix & Fenrir all were non entities in this story).
Sorry if that sounds harsh because I do like the premise and some of the threads you built but its application and execution leaves a feeling of something desired.
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