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for Dining with Divinity

4/7 c1 Guest
3/28 c1 Mufalan
still no update?
3/28 c1 Guest
Update new page
3/17 c1 riasdoctolerogm
please update
3/14 c21 Guest
No update
3/12 c10 Soiken
not update? : (
2/20 c21 NF15617
Just re-read this in 2024, hope that you are at least alive and well. I will keep the hope of this being updated even though I can't reasonably expect it to be.
2/13 c1 sharkyawesomeness5
How could you do this to us we love this and ant more
2/13 c21 Guest
“Stay safe and see you all next time.“ there was no next time
2/13 c21 Guest
Desperately need more
2/7 c21 kazutoxx123
more please
2/6 c2 3Saberpoint
I think it would have been funny if Naruto judo threw Aphrodite. I’m sure Artemis would have smiled at that.
2/3 c21 joca12
Did author left fanfiction? They haven’t updating their stories since 2022
2/2 c21 Guest
Hope the author, it’s been almost a year now since their last update
2/2 c21 Guest
Really hope this story gets another update
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