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for Dining with Divinity

16h c21 paolobarrientosreyes
It would be cool if a story was made where the titans have to fight the golden men in a tournament, like record of ragnarok style
11/29 c21 honesh
It's a very good story , well written i enjoyed every chapter thank you.

When are you gona update the next chapter and are you gona pair Hestia or Athena with Naruto romantically
11/27 c17 Guest
11/27 c21 Guest
Good pacing, meaningful characters, well structured paragraphs and sentences. Definitely one of the best fics I've read on this site. Hera divorced?! That threw me completely off and I loved that you took a route outside of the norm. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've never seen a fic do that before. Is this your way of getting a Hera and Naruto pairing going? Because I'm 100% all for it. You rarely ever see it and I always feel sorry for her when Zeus is constantly bedding another. Give Hera some love! Hera the ever loyal and family woman with Naruto the protective and loving man. Match made in heaven.
11/14 c21 Guest
Dude you gotta update this I need more of this
11/13 c21 Guest
Pls update, i really like the story.
11/8 c1 norm2434
Damn you're making ne hungry with all of that food in this chapter lol
10/31 c21 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Please, Please, Please! Upload more!
10/30 c21 pizzawolf3
This is probably the main story they got me into liking fan fictions I would love for you to upload another chapter, or at least give an update on the reasoning for not uploading recently for the story.
10/30 c21 2elkenn
We need an update soon!
Thanks for the work author!
10/20 c21 Guest
Next chapter plz
10/17 c16 Whatif-inator
Hyperion and Atlas: Dealing with Mortals? This would be easy.

The MortalsUnleashes Perfect Susanoo capable of Slicing Mountains apart by unleashing its blade.”
“Unleashes 2km tall 1000 armed Wooden Buddha Statue capable of flattening mountains with each strike.”

I’d imagine Atlas and Hyperion would be shook. Seeing as how Hyperion was easily dealt with by Nature Magic by the Satyrs trapping him in a tree, Hashirama’s Wood release would have neutralized him easily. Atlas would have been taken care of by Madara quite easily.
10/17 c20 Condescension22
Naruto's complaining about someone else's stamina?definitely a Pot and Kettle situation.
10/14 c12 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Empousai say dinner, Naruto says no.
10/14 c21 3Diana9922
It's well written, I like it a lot. When is the next chapter?
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