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for Hoopa's Role Swap

11/12/2021 c4 1Whippybroom771
I hope this goes on
11/9/2021 c4 Spatial Strike
Is this still going?
11/2/2020 c1 Guest
Pretty sure Hoopa is genderless but leaning more toward male, look at the unleashed version dudde.
8/27/2020 c4 Djfbejen
I think that the next teammate should be an Arokuda male

I like fish
8/8/2020 c4 StarrySweet101
This is the best story I've seen. It made me think of making a story similar only with a lot of differences or maybe even more. any who amazing story keep it up.
7/3/2020 c4 11gamergirl101
Nice so far. That girl is just too cute! I wanna hug her so badly right now!
7/3/2020 c4 6ScalchopWarrior
Yay, new chapter!

So this chapter we got a new addition to the team in Myra, who is already a sweet bean that must be protected at all costs against the evils of the world. Other than that, some basic training mostly.

I think I'm most excited to see how the current team continues to develop though, particularly in Heather and Myra. Myra because I think she has the most interesting learning curve, but I did legitimately forget that Budew evolves from high friendship with a trainer, so that'll be neat to see how it pans out. May not happen for a bit unless Heather undergoes some changes.

I am curious if Hoopa being susceptible to confusion and the like may end up being important in the future. I could see it either ending up being unimportant, mostly used for comedy, or ending up important and impacting important moments. Either way, it was fun to think about.

I'm glad that my feedback was actually helpful though! And yes, this was really good, basically exactly what I pictured when I was describing how I felt. The bottom line was mostly that I just didn't want additions to blend together, but Jo has already shown himself more interesting than I initially thought, so that worry is averted for now.

Feedback (Since I do want to submit one every chapter): I guess the one thing I'll put out here is just the growth of the group. With Jo and Myra, there have been two additions over the last two chapters, in addition to the starting roster of three. While the additions are fun and add to the group dynamic, it might be best to avoid adding too many new faces too quickly and getting an overloaded cast. I mostly just say this since Hoopa does talk about having every type, which could be messy if not handled well with the potential size of the cast. However, I have faith and so far every member has been distinct and memorable enough to stand out in their own way!

In all, fun chapter with a new teammate and a bit of training/progress sprinkled in. Curious as to who the figure is, possibly another Mythical/Legendary? Maybe Hoopa isn't quite as subtle or original as she thinks. Excited to see where it goes!

Also "Diancie's kind of slut" is going on my quote board.

7/3/2020 c4 11Time-Space lord Eon
Another really good chapter.
I really enjoyed seeing Jo be the down to earth realist he was here. it wasn't really an angle to his character I had considered when I submitted him.

I really get what you're saying about the tone, especially since the stuff I write's source material tends to get pretty dark while I try to maintain a fairly light tone.

I especially feel this with Pokemon, particularly since I think I have pretty similar ideas about the Pokemon world as Takeshi Shudo (Who wanted to end the anime with Pikachu starting a Pokemon revolution.) Not quite as dark as his, but I still have a more brutal version of the Pokemon world in my mind, possibly because I'm a fan of Nuzlockes, and that inherently darker tone rubbed off on me.

Going back, I do like Myra and think she's an interesting character with potential and I personally think there's alot the could be done with her interactions with other charaters. Like Eon for example (Because I have vested interest in him of course) For starters, unless I missed something he's the only adult here if you don't count Hoppa. as well just the factor of him being an older male with his backstory.

Also, and this is not a request, the character is in your hands, but I'd love to help flesh Eon's backstory out if you ever want to.
7/3/2020 c4 8HunterHQ
I noticed that meme phrase from Brock about the donuts which are Hoopa’s favourite, will she become unbound?

Seems to be a lucky escape for the noibat, wonder if she’ll catch wild Pokémon herself also look forward to seeing her interact with other characters, can use twilight wings for development.
7/3/2020 c4 wkqgwkgoerpmb
Thank you so much for including my character in your story! You portrayed her just like I had imagined in my head. Also sorry for not commenting on the last chapter, I had a lot of homework to do in the past few weeks so didn't get time to read any fanfiction. But I am so glad you continued this story, it's amazing.
I really enjoyed this chapter. The jelly-filled donuts were a nice reference to the anime and calling Diance a-a *hahaha* s-slut, I laughed so much at that part, as well as the last part with Hoopa getting confused due to Supersonic. I love this story and it makes me laugh so much as well.
Hope you update soon, can't wait to see who that person (pokemon?) was in the last part (a legendary most likely?). I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks so much again. Bye.
6/17/2020 c3 6ScalchopWarrior
Yay! Glad this is going to keep going!

Don't have a lot to say though, just some good Pokemon fun! Jo is a pretty nice addition to the crew, and I'm interested to see who else people submit.

Also Klonoa the Scorbunny is great, I love him

...this part is a bit awkward to bring up, but recently I've wanted to at least do my best to insert some kind of critique into my reviews for stories, big or small just to try and help and so I don't feel like I'm blindly praising.

Yeah, that was kind of awkward, but wanted to put it out there.

To dig for a critique, I suppose I'd say Jo was recruited a bit quickly without any fanfare? On the one hand, that fits him I suppose and how easy to go along with he is, but I guess it made his addition feel...unnotable I guess. I know asking for arcs or anything is kind of out there, but I imagine it would maybe feel more notable if it was sort of like a lot of the notable anime captures, with them meeting and bonding before being added to the team? It's kind of nitpicky, but I wanted to try my best

Anyway, that's all for now! Sorry it got awkward, but I'm looking forward to more!
6/17/2020 c1 woodman.jpeg
this story is amazing! I hope my OC gets in, haha, his name is an earthbound reference
6/16/2020 c3 8HunterHQ
Hope you enjoy the game, also abra as an alakazam can mega evolve so look forward to that if you decide it as well as z moves too hopefully.

Also look forward to seeing interactions with like Bede and Marnie and then after post game going to isle of armour and crown tundra.

Side note Klara and Avery are planning to be gym leaders too so wonder if they’ll face them pre or post game.
6/16/2020 c3 Hihumans1564
Please let my oc be in this. And update soon.
6/16/2020 c1 Hihumans1564
Name: Kate Ketchum
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Appearance: Brown hair with brown eyes. She wears a purple/white coat with gray pants and black shoes. (Human form) A Litten with purple. (Pokemon form)
Personality: Kind, funny and caring.
Strength/likes: They are good at figgting. She likes all Pokemon, the color purple and any kind of food, but no nuts.
Weakness/dislikes: She is not good at moving away. She hates nuts and bulles.
Pokemon: They turn into a Litten.
Evolution: They can evolved two times.
Ability: Intimidate
Special: She can Gigantamax
Moves: Scratch, Ember, Fire Fang and Lick
Backstory: She was trying to get away from life because she was trying to get something for a friend but someone found her. Now, she is on the run. Her fear is to face real she met Hoopa, she didn't know that she was a good guy. (That is all I can say)
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