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1/2/2021 c2 Guest
Freaking... Wow. This deserves far more than...how many reviews does this have? Five? Yeah. My point exactly.
I gotta say, your writing style is so engaging. It flows, it has a rhythm. I really loved all the metaphors you worked into it. That's something I always struggle with, so I'm always impressed when I see it done successfully. Not to mention, you're very good at dialogue. I actually laughed aloud at some of the banter. You somehow made me ship Sylvain and Ingrid without even making that part of the story...
I can't imagine writing someone like Felix was easy, but I could hear his voice in your words and you not only managed to do that, but you also wrote him in a ROMANCE story. My applause to you, my friend.

All in all, this was really well written, very sweet and funny, and an absolute joy to read. I'll be checking out more of your stuff for sure. So thank you for taking the time to mame this story shine.

9/17/2020 c2 AnimeGalaxy
This fic is lifeeee. If you're reading this review and havent read the fic yet just do it you wont regret it! The first chapter was so intense and the second chapter was sooo adorable I qas squealing for most of it. Please write more fire emblem fics!
12/23/2019 c2 Devaberiel
Thank you for an early Christmas present! It was awesome :-) It is hard for Felix to express emotions, so I guess it would be hard to write it too. I would love to read any other felannie stories you might write!
12/22/2019 c2 17Lunar Abyss
Oh my goodness, that was absolutely ADORABLE. The last few paragraphs just had me giddy with excitement. I really have to commend you on how well you captured every character. No one felt OOC at all! The way Felix and Annette kept fumbling their words felt exactly like I was watching a support cutscene straight from the game itself. Even the SIDE characters were on point! I audibly giggled at Sylvain and Ingrid's interactions; I mean, I absolutely love those two so... :D

All in all, this was a fantastic story! I'm so looking forward to any other story you write! :D
12/21/2019 c1 Devaberiel
Oh, the pain of a cliffhanger! Especially when you write so well :-) For Christmas I want the next chapter! To leave them like this over the holidays would just be unkind.
12/6/2019 c1 Lunar Abyss
Aah, I've been waiting for this story and I was so happy to get a notification for it! And wow, what a beginning that was, though I have to scold you because that cliffhanger is going to KILL me. But, I get to re-experience my Blue Lion children again, and I am extremely giddy about that. I'm watching my SO play through the game now and he just maxed out Felix and Annette's support and EEK, I am so ready to re-experience it with this story too! I love them together, they are so precious. I'm excited to see where this story goes!

As for the vulneraries, I think you'll need to take an artistic liberty and decide for yourself what you think they should be (or whatever works best for your story). I've played Awakening, Fates:Birthright, Fates:Conquest, and Three Houses but I don't recall any of those titles ever really mentioning exactly what a vulnerary is in the FE universe. IRL a vulnerary is a "drug" or "medicine"of sorts used to heal wounds, but the form it takes is pretty ambiguous. I suppose it could lean towards a liquid potion since the other healing items in Three Houses are Concoctions and Elixirs, and you could argue that elixirs are liquid so that means all three are liquid? Eh, I don't think you should worry too much over it; you should write vulneraries in the way that you think will benefit your story, in my opinion! :)

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