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4/12/2022 c25 Guest
You need to sort out chapter 24!
Anyway good story and i really hope you continue, there is still so much to know and discover.
4/11/2022 c24 Just William
This chapters a mess in it's layout, please correct.
2/24/2022 c24 Harbinger34
Wtf happened to this chapter what’s with all the random hy77)$&&&:&,$ Shit it’s unreadable
10/20/2021 c25 desslok69
Great story the only let down in chapter 24 with the formatting codes visible making it impossible to read. I hope you go back and fix this issue. Keep up the good work
10/14/2021 c24 Guest
coding is messed up page unreadable
10/15/2021 c25 geekymom
Fabulous chapter!
10/14/2021 c25 indie0209
Can't wait for more to come about time to take out umbitch haha
10/12/2021 c9 Ppsh
Think I'm done with this at this point. I've probably read one too many "Harry was abused, oh woe is he" stories over the years, and with respect this isn't a particularly good one in my eyes. The circumstances don't make sense to me (Ministry/Order being ignorant about Privet Drive mainly), McGonagall is kind of OOC, and you have a tendency to have characters make obscenely huge monologues that really doesn't flow well - no one speaks like that, unless they're sitting down to tell a story or some such. Another thing is the pacing... we're 9 chapters in and all that has happened, plot wise, is: Harry blew his family up, Harry went to McGonagall's house, Harry got healed, some people talked to each other.
Most of the rest of it is enormous paragraphs of text from characters I don't really care about.
10/12/2021 c6 Ppsh
The more I think about this, the less sense it makes to me that the Ministry don't instantly know that Harry Potter's family live in Privet Drive. In the book he receives letters from the Ministry very quickly about him being expelled from Hogwarts etc for using the Patronus against the Dementors, right? And it's not even the first time they've sent letters there for that exact purpose. Umbridge knew Harry lived there well enough to send Dementors that area, didn't she?
And that's to say nothing of the Order members somehow not knowing. That makes even less sense since they have all this information whatever Dumbledore must have told them about.
10/12/2021 c4 Ppsh
Hm, okay I understand the thing about Dumbledore not knowing, that's plausible, but why are Shacklebolt and Tonks so clueless as to who Harry's family is? Aren't they part of the order?
10/12/2021 c2 Ppsh
I don't really get why Harry is so desperate to leave? He has a case of legitimate self-defense here. And it's not like the Ministry really cares about some muggles. I guess he could be panicking, but it's a bit vague.
10/12/2021 c1 Ppsh
Well... that was an explosive beginning :P
8/18/2021 c25 Daryl Gragg
I am enjoying this story. I hope your well. Time has passed some will there be more chapters? lovin the story.

Daryl Gragg,
2/22/2021 c25 Just William
Very good story and an interesting twist with the Toad getting involved in chapter 25. Update needed please. However, as well as an update, you need to get a beta reader to at least proof read each chapter before new chapters are put up. There are so many errors/spellings/typo's that it detracts, in my opinion, from a very good story to an excellent story.
11/6/2020 c1 33Hippothestrowl
Now I've got a backlog of chapters to catch up on I'm starting again to refresh my memory of the story, and this first chapter is better than I remember it. I hate the Dursleys, but from their point of view, Harry is dumped on them by Dumbledore and caused them lots of problems, and his being there is the reason their son is now a vegetable. Naturally their furious. And Harry sounds rather nonchalant at the start - sympathetic and apologetic he's not. And when he shouts back at his uncle, then Vernon totally loses control. I see both sides which makes this scene more believable actually. The ultimate villain is Dumbledore. The blood is on HIS hands for endangering all FIVE victims: Dursleys, Harry, and Hedwig.

- Hip
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