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for Cross Your Heart (and Hope to Die)

7/2 c6 25entity9silvergen
Awesome chapter. I was expecting an apathetic depression bit to come up eventually and I like how it turned out. No matter how hard I think about what's coming next, you always surprise me. I feel like Rook was written really well this chapter. The inabality to get up, turning away Ben, not reacting to Gwen and Kevin, then the flash of hope when Azmuth came. Loved it. Awesome work.
5/21 c5 Cipher Wise
Bruh,,.. The pacing is perfect. Even though nothing was said about Rook fidgeting, I could just imagine his hands twitching from the stress of the situation. The anticipation, the drive, the high-strung stakes, it's awesome dude! I found this fic a couple days ago and was reading it with the Spirit soundtrack 'Sound the Buglehorn' and, let me tell you, it was a Huge mistake, I was crying So much o(﹏)o Poor Rook, poor Ben
5/21 c5 entity9silvergen
Damnnn, I really liked this chapter. I like seeing Rook react differently to each time he wakes up. He's responding really realistically in my opinion. And I think the pacing is fine. I like the way the story is flowing right now.

Rook's actions/ feelings were awesome as always but I liked Ben in this one. Since it's from Rook's perspective, I think we missed some things from Ben but like also you did a good job writing Ben so the reader could pick up on things that even Rook didn't. Like Ben's reaction to the time loop and being asked to use Alien X? It really felt like he wasn't asking questions because he could see how upset Rook was and how serious it was.

The domestic scene and the inclusion of Ben's parents was cute. And this was just a small detail but there was a line at the beginning about the other Plumbers avoiding Rook and that really caught my attention for some reason. It was such a small thing but it helped paint the tone so well.

Anyway, great chapter. Looking forward to the next one. Keep up the good work!
4/9 c4 entity9silvergen
"It's Thursday. Not even a funny day of the week." Loved that.

Accepting mortality... A theme I have never seen (I think) but I love it. Rook's whole breakdown was really cool to see.

As I often say when reading Diamonds Are Forever, I love alien mechanics. Ben telling Rook about Clockwork was awesome. And time travel mechanics and alternate time streams? That's just the cherry on top. I was not expecting this but I love it. Same thing goes for magic mechanics. Don't usually see a lot of magic but it's nice seeing it in a world like this one where magic and sci-fi don't conflict.

Rook is starting to give up. On the inside at least. Interested to see how that plays out. And Rook's vulnerability! As his walls keep breaking down, I'm interested to see him open up more.

After this one and the last one where Ben didn't die, I am a bit confused but I am intrigued for the eventual explanation. Great chapter! This was probably the best one so far. Keep up the good work!
2/26 c3 entity9silvergen
Me: *Putting off reading the Diamonds Forever update because I have studying to do*
Me: *sees Cross Your Heart update*
Me: ... Time to read

For real, love this story and it's getting more and more interesting with each chapter. And it's not predictable, y'know? There's a natural flow of events and Rook's reactions match it but so much happens in each chapter. The domestic setting is so realistic too. So many details. And nothing feels forced. Seriously love this story.

I always say this but you right Rook so good. He was emotionally compromised during that initial panicked rush to find Ben but he wasn't out of character. He was actually super in character. I don't write Ben 10 so I don't have experience with him but he seems like a hard character to master, especially since his personality isn't very layered in the actual series and his character has a lot of room for expansion in fanfic.

Love the little details in this time loop. Rook's reflection on Ben's parents' support of Ben compared to his own relationship with his parents, the repeated use of contractions, so much stuff and I loved it.

I'm fully expecting Ben to do something stupid and kill himself by accident in the next one.

Amazing chapter as always. Keep up the good work!
1/16 c2 entity9silvergen
Got the notification for this chapter and I flipped. I was looking forward to this.

This was everything I hoped for and more. I haven't seen a good time loop and Rook's reaction to everything is perfect. My heart hurts from this. Looking forward to the other chapters. Seeing Ben respond to Rook's freakout is amazing. Love then Gwen and Kevin came in too. Normally not a huge fan of them in Ben and Rook fics but they really needed to be there.

Still foreseeing so much upcoming awesomeness. Rook had the emotional freak out in this one and I'm predicting a breakdown coming up. He sort of tried to stop Ben and I'm looking forward to later loops when he tries going to the extremes.

Yeah, end is a long way off and ends are always the best, especially if they're depressing as hell. Misery would just straight up be a good story ending but I feel like hopeful would hurt less. Either way, I'm sure it'll be great but I'm leaning toward hopeful.
1/16 c2 Seventh Doctor
A fantastic story so far, also given the situation, maybe fantastic isn't the correct word. Regardless, I'm seriously enjoying this story so far. For the conclusion, you could have one set as canon and the other as a bonus, like a up the good work.
12/21/2019 c1 Setrian
HOOOLLLYYY COW! This hits HARD! Like, seriously. HARD! Please keep going.
12/17/2019 c1 entity9silvergen
Dang, awesome story idea. I haven't seen a good time loop story, usually visuals are needed to keep it from getting too repetitive, but I have full faith in you that you will create something great.

"I know this chapter isn't super great." Lies. It's amazing. You're right about it being a set up to future chapters but it's the foundation that sets the stone for the rest of the building being built over it and this is some pretty freaking good foundation for the rest of the story. I see a lot of emotions and angst and so many more amazing intricacies and ideas and little moments happening in the future but I love how well written and put together this first chapter was.

You write Rook and his emotions so well. They're not really shown in the show all that much but the way you portray his character fits him perfectly. I love that his more animalistic side began to show. Fully understandable seeing as his partner just died but it's not something seen very often and I really don't know why it's not touched on more. I see it as something Rook represses but it's still a part of him and he's gotta let it out sometimes. I think the way he expressed it and reverted back to more instinctive behavior in this chapter was really cool.

Same goes for Ben. Seeing Ben from Rook's POV is always neat. Everything Ben does makes a lot of sense and it's amusing seeing how Rook view it. You capture his personality really well too. I see him being pretty lighthearted through most of this story. I assume he's probably going to be oblivious to most of the stuff Rook's going through so the contrast is going to be a good read. And I'm sure he's going to be confused as heck at all of Rook's future freak outs.

I love all the little details. Instead of jumping straight into the big things, there's casual talk and seemingly meaningless smaller moments that I'm sure will repeat a few times in a few loops and I'm looking forward to seeing Rook sit through all them, relive them a second time and then again and again, and learn to love them or hate them and just have a lot of new feelings in general about the little things. Like the talk about holidays, the juice cleanse, the alarm clock, everything. It's the little things that create something special and I'm looking forward to seeing how Rook faces each of them.

I am fully prepared for the angst. Usually romance isn't my jam but I do enjoy some Ben x Rook type things and slow burn is all I could ever want. Like all of your stories, this story has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing where and what it branches into.
12/6/2019 c1 TheShipper 3215
THIS. This, this wonderfully painful story is what I’ve been looking for for AGES. Something that REALLY REALLY REALLY tugs at my heart and shatters it into tiny pieces strewn across the ground. I fucking LOVE angst like this and you are my new favourite person for doing it so expertly hOly FUCK.

(I have an account so I’ll be promptly following your story the minute I can)
12/6/2019 c1 Guest
Very good! I really like it so far! I’m excited to see what comes next!

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