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for Naruto the Detective of MON

4/3 c8 Otaku-king-389
This is honestly one of the best monster musume crossover fics out there usually i just see people sticking their oc in place of the main character but no this is well thought out and the facts about certain species is even more so i thank you for this amazing read and hope to see more in the future
2/24 c8 20NeoNazo356
“Floating eye in the bathtub” indeed... Seriously though, how, in the ever-loving HELL do you misplace an EYE?! You’d think half your field of vision up and vanishing would tell you something’s wrong...
2/19 c8 ShadowBloodedge9396
Finally caught up on this after catching up on other updates.
So...first dabble with Pilot Naruto that I’ve seen from you...and I definitely cannot complain. It was a treat reading a Naruto who is naturally not human...not that there’s anything wrong with your crossovers that put canon or Gakuen Naruto in a situation to make him not human. Loved his take on furries and just how he handles everything as a detective for MON...any chance of him introducing the girls to his very first friend anytime soon?
Poor Naruto in that he could quite possibly become the last male Kyuubi, simply cus all the rest are going female out of boredom with other women.
Definitely love his interactions with the group(poor Tionishia though), and I take it Naruto meeting “Darling,” if he ever does, is not to be rushed?
2/9 c8 Shadowdescender
I'm curious to see whether or not you will let us know about Zombina's view on sex. Seeing as how she is a zombie I assume she has no active sex life, but at the same time there are a lot of weird people who would probably still go for it. I doubt Naruto would though.
2/3 c8 T-B-R
good stuff.
2/3 c8 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Good job keep it up
2/2 c7 7ortizale317
Why wasn't zombina bait then she could have dressed as a guy and not die since she's undead?
2/2 c8 4Verdauga
2/2 c8 Samuel Santillan
I liked!
how interesting the way of seeing things naruto in these cases, also he and doppel have been having fun, and apparently man wants to join the fun, I will be happy to wait for the next chapter
2/2 c8 ArrowsToAthens
2/2 c8 NobodyOwens5
This is pretty funny. Feels bad for Tio though.
2/2 c8 FateBurn
good chapter
2/2 c8 SlyFox9
How long has it been since this was last updated? I’m so glad to finally see more of this.
2/2 c8 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
2/2 c8 8SADIO MANE
nice chapter, I like this, I'm cannot waiting for next chapter bro...
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