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for Where No One Goes to Touch the Sky

2/9/2021 c3 16FantasyWriter345
Please update! It's such a great story!
7/25/2020 c3 Skumi
Isn't there a way for the Author to delete reviews? But I like this, which because I haven't liked these Fandoms crossed over in FOREVER!
5/22/2020 c1 7HanyouExorcistAlchemist48
Okay for one, they're Vikings, their whole culture prior to befriending the dragons seems to revolve around physical prowess and strength, if not at least be a huge part of it. I don't see why Snotlout and the twins couldn't beat up Hiccup as well as call him names and tease him. And two, exactly, they're teenagers. There are plenty of teenagers that just physically bully others, or just verbally, or a bit of both. I see it more likely they do a bit of both, beating Hiccup up to rub it in that he's weak and that he can't fight and calling him Hiccup the Useless to top it off
3/30/2020 c1 Guest
If u r gonna put rapunzel in this story I want to c her with a dramillion
3/30/2020 c3 Guest
I know a dragon I want merida to have a thunderdrum
3/25/2020 c3 Guest
Thanks for the new chapter. I like how you are weaving these stories together.
3/11/2020 c2 Guest
Pretty good story. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am looking forward to reading more.
1/11/2020 c1 KittyBug Fury Academia
Please update it's very interesting
12/13/2019 c1 Eris
Awesome story. Very fascinating and exciting. When will Hiccup tell Merida that he is the chiefs son? Nice idea with the cousins from the book series and Merida‘s sister. Gives the story something unique. Please update soon.
12/8/2019 c1 Guest
Good job, well done. I look forward to reading more. Thank you.

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