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for Racers of the Night: HORIZONS EDGE

2/13/2020 c3 CHSHiccstrid
This makes me sad but I respect your decision. Your stories are beautifully written and I wish all the best to you on your original book. Good bye!
2/12/2020 c3 H.T. Foest
This is a sad decision, truly. I never thought it’d come to this.
But as with the thing called life, things must move on. I hope you’re going to do fine with your life and writing.

But that does not mean I will not look forward in the future of hoping that you might return to this. This is a most wonderful fic you’ve been working on these past years, and I’m sure your novel will do the same.

As a closing remark, I hope you’d do well in your career.

Keep writing!
1/19/2020 c2 CHSHiccstrid
OMG! Somehow I missed the prologue but I’m so pumped! I’m so happy your doing a sequel! I don’t even care if you don’t update right away! I’m just glad to have what I have of this story already! Eeek! Looks like we have some more bad ass Hiccstrid! We also seem to have a mother appearance to.. I cannot wait to see what you do with this!
1/19/2020 c2 Kirika
Espero la nueva aventura
1/19/2020 c2 H.T. Foest
It’s always nice to see you add scenes from the movies into the story and make it better (modernized). It comes off smooth and natural.

Speaking of which, do you plan to input every element of the third movie, including the romance part? I have conflicted feelings about it.

I can’t wait to see what happens! But keep it at your pace.

Keep writing!
1/19/2020 c2 Eris
Awesome chapter. So fascinating fighting scene. Great. Please update soon.
12/11/2019 c1 Eris
Fascinating prequel. Awesome. Please write soon.
12/9/2019 c1 H.T. Foest
Oh, I’ve so been waiting for this! This might be a sneak peak, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.

And I knew you wouldn’t just kill off Valka like that. She’s too important. But who knows what you have in mind for the future.

Do you plan to incorporate more elements from the third movie and the short film into this? Seems unlikely and hard, but who can tell.

I cannot wait for the story to start! I want to know how they meet. I want to know his reaction! I want to know what they’re planning! So much to look forward to!

Keep writing!
12/7/2019 c1 Kirika
Oh siii...

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