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7/24 c19 3Spica75
Well now, this was a very interesting little storystarter indeed.
Hoping to see more of it.
7/24 c14 Spica75
6/9 c20 Guest
This one is definitely something I would read
4/23 c1 I move weight
don't bother continuing this shitty story I doubt it even reach 500 follows absolutely pathetic
4/21 c20 4Darling Nova
Thank you so much for your work, it is very interesting and highly entertaining. I can't wait to read more
4/6 c20 Guest
Will she create gun powder and maybe Bolt action guns?.
2/26 c20 3najex
The only reason I wouldn't want this to become a full story, is that it might distract you from the other ones you have xD. Shoulder Devil, A young girl's delinquency record. . .

But if it doesn't do that, than I'd love to read more of this. It's very rare to see someone attempt a ASOIAF crossover without the crossed over character being way overpowered for the setting. So I really like that Tanya both doesn't have magic here and has to use her wits.

My only criticism here is that Tyrion should have made a pass at Tanya here. For all that some people think the world of Tyrion, he was a shameless lecherous in the books. That quality of his was way more pronounced than his supposed intellect.
2/13 c20 drake
2/12 c20 killroy225
God I can't wait to see what the misunderstanding field does once she starts to sing and talk with the lord's and ladies of Westeros!
2/12 c17 carwash36
God, I love this. absolutely amazing.
5/28/2020 c17 2BraveVesperia
more please
5/7/2020 c19 Sprengkamp
Th for the chapter
4/30/2020 c17 6L4 of the WEST
well this was a fun read, have some reservation of magic in MHA don't think that was a thing before so it kinda not natural, but for short one shot, it is fun
4/30/2020 c18 corrinlone77
Good chapter.

4/22/2020 c17 Guest
me gustaria ver la parte 4 de tanya contra los aliens
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