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for Layers of Hell: Hazbin's Most Unwelcome Guest

5/1 c10 WeAreVenom5
This gonna be good
4/27 c32 DreamXiphoid
Well shit. That was a really enjoyable read. That was quite organic and made sense, except for the resurrection. However, I'm not gonna question it! Seems like something that would happen in a DOOM game.
4/10 c3 1Mercenary X
Poor Henry, I feel sorry for him.
4/9 c3 Bruh.io82
2/6 c31 MarauderPrime12
Rip and Tear
1/21 c1 Guest
Can the Doom Slayer even permanently kill the demons from Hazbin Hotel? From what I understand, the demons from Doom are not demons in the biblical sense. Instead, they are demon like aliens from another dimension. Only angelic weapons can permanently kill the biblical demons from hazbin hotel. Otherwise, they just regenerate overtime. Only the Crucible could kill them permanently if it counts as a divine weapon. I'm not saying the demons from Hazbin Hotel could kill the Doom Slayer, but I feel like Doom Slayer would end up as the new tormentor of hell for all of eternity instead of solving the overpopulation problem.
10/28/2020 c30 7Mr. Amigos
I'm just going to be honest; This story is bad.

It was very promising in the beginning; Doom Slayer coming down to Hell and slaughtering every demon in his path with the help of VEGA; and the demons being frightened.

But, once Chapter 10 hit, everything else after felt strange; Why would Doom Slayer feel sympathy for demons? Yes, the demons did have human in them, but I think this idea can be shattered with one Doom enemy:

Possessed Soldiers.

If I recall correctly, in the Doom manual, it states of course that these soldiers were once your friends; But the demons took them over during the Hell invasion, and are now your enemies.

I'm sure Doom Slayer (Then Doomguy) wouldn't feel sympathy for these Possessed Soldiers; Yes, they were maybe his friends before, but now they're possessed by demons that want to kill Doomguy. I don't think Doomguy would just stand there and feel sorry that he has to kill his poor possessed friends; No, he'll blast right through him with his guns!

So, what would make this story any different? Yeah, they act human, and they don't mean any harm to Doom Slayer, but, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care; I'm not saying Doom Slayer will just kill them because "le demons" but, come on; Most of these demons in their past lives murders, sexual predators, and in general just shit people; So, when Adams told Doom Slayer that, I'm sure he'd be more pissed off and bloodlusted.

Now, besides all of that, there's another story I have a problem with; The deaths.

When a character dies in this story and they get sent to the lower depths of hell; I'll be honest, that shit felt impactful as fuck; I really liked that you had the balls to kill major characters off by the hands of Doom Slayer.

But, once it gets to Chapter 10, the impact for these character's deaths gets thrown out of the window; with Doom Slayer somehow bringing them all back...Why? This just makes it feel like those deaths didn't mean anything at all, and were there simply for drama.

And another thing, Charlie just gets everything back in the end; She didn't really learn anything besides that flashback with her as a child talking to her mother, that's it; And even before Charlie *really* knew that Doom Slayer brought everyone back, including Vaggie; It's like she just casually forgived Doom Slayer, like all that anger, grief and revenge just faded away so quickly.

Now, for the one last thing I want to whine about: The final battle.

The final battle scene felt...Empty...It felt rushed, it felt uncompleted and very unsatisfying; That one Star Wars prequel joke really just felt forced and tasteless; And to be honest, that goes with every joke in this story, the only one that I thought was funny was the one where Angel had that rant about fixing everything.

And, finally, just one more thing: The big bad villains didn't feel intimidating at all; Alastor was barely in the story, so in the final battle, It just felt like he was just...there, than actually a big threat.

Lucifer...Eh, I'm a bit mixed on him; So, i don't really have that much to say about him; But, the scene with him shaking hands with Doom Slayer was pretty fucking cool.

The Icon of Sin...He also felt like he was just "there", He appeared and spoke a couple of times and that's it.

Now, for this review, I don't just wanna be a negative bitch and complain about the bad things; There are a few good things to this story.

1. Anne and Adams' relationship: This one was pretty good; I think Adams' really learned a thing or two from all the encounters from Doom Slayer and talks with the others; Like the investigator and Anne; Also, the two are just a cute couple in general.

2. Samuel Hayden and the UAC army: I like this one, mostly because I found it really unexpected; And Charlie and the other's interactions with the UAC humans were pretty cool.

So, that's it; That's my review...If I had to rate it between 1 to 10, I'd give it a 4/10.

If you're reading this, TheOriginalWriterGuy, just keep in mind that this is just more of what I thought of the story than a real review; I just simply wanted to spread my mind on what I thought of this fan fiction. If you want to keep on writing then, then keep on writing mate, do what makes you happy. :)
9/3/2020 c30 sacke110
Nice Obi-wan reference.
Shit, a cliff hanger.
This was a nice story, I enjyoyed it.
9/2/2020 c18 sacke110
Angel’s angry rant made me laugh so hard, especially that ”howdy” from the random dude.
9/2/2020 c17 sacke110
Hah, Charlie greeting the UAC team was gold. And it was adorable how much of a fangirl she became after realizing they’re humans.
9/2/2020 c14 sacke110
He started laughing, heh nice.
Wonder what made the king of hell run like a baby.
9/2/2020 c13 sacke110
Got pretty emotional with Charlie and Vaggie at the end there.
Weird that the Doom Slayer is turning into a demon. At least that’s what it looks like.
9/2/2020 c10 sacke110
I assume that was Adam that said ”You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me”. Concidering they seem to be unable to escape from the Slayer. Was funny af. Interesting interaction they had, with VEGA asking them questions, resulting in the Slayer being angry at himself.
Aah.. Adams started chanting too.. heh, I think I can say that Adams is my favorite character.
8/12/2020 c28 Red Ever Rose
You had to Star Wars meme it... Lel
8/11/2020 c2 Red Ever Rose
You had to add a Spongebob meme... Lel
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