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for Layers of Hell: Hazbin's Most Unwelcome Guest

1/28 c3 1Plasma Dragon 312
I’m just imagining Henry just staring at DoomGuy hyperventilating as he shakily reaches for the lever to start pumping gas. DoomGuy probably only spared him because he’s never seen a demon have a reaction like that to him before.
11/4/2023 c14 Guest
So the story just went to absolute fucking dogshit? Aight, I'm out.
10/16/2023 c13 carlom2408
It's a real shame that Charlie and Vaggie broke up in the Sequel.
3/24/2023 c2 Guest
I almost feel bad for the demons. ALMOST
1/21/2023 c9 Able and Table
Well the good news is...that he only use the sword and the BFG once.
12/23/2022 c30 Guest
I have an idea for an Octavia/OC story, I'm not asking you to do anything, it's just a neat unique idea that popped into my head one day. Something occurred to me about the Seeing Stars episode, Stolas and Octavia never did get to see the meteor shower called Azathoth's Tears, I feel kinda bad for them considering it only happens once every 1,000 years. So how about during the episode, Octavia meets a human her age whichever it is, 17 or 18, going through something similar to her, so they connect over that and and bond, then eventually both have their first kiss (a simple one) and then simply embrace, she also says because of the damn crap in the air (smog) she's likely not going to get to see the meteor shower with her father at all, then Octavia has to go home as her father's probably worried sick now. The scene then plays out normally, Octavia, Stolas, Blitzo, and Loona go back to Hell after seeing fireworks, leaving the human OC to see the meteor shower by himself in the correct location, but unfortunately for him, the DHORKS saw him and the Owl Demon kissing, so they confront him over it calling him a Satanist/Demon Lover and whatnot, he responds by saying she's too nice to be a Demon, the DHORKS (in their eyes) not liking how stupid or stubborn he's being, stab him through the chest with a Japanese Edo Period Sword and leaving him there dying. Now here's where the near unique idea comes into play, he's crying not only because he's dying alone, he's seeing Azathoth's Tears while dying and he knows Octavia went home so she didn't even get to see it, he wishes he had a way to capture it to show it to her. Now, BECAUSE he was dying WHILE seeing Azathoth's Tears, he saw far more in the meteor shower than normal, planets, galaxies, and nebulas (namely being the Horsehead Nebula in the background). Now, upon arriving in Hell, people freaked out, immediately mistaking him for GOD thinking he has come to smite them causing them to flee in terror. He looks at himself in a reflection and sees his skin color is like a void, even his hair, but in that void is planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulas like the Horsehead one behind it, he thinks to himself,

OC: Holy fuck, I look like Garou's cosmic form from One Punch Man but probably without all the insane powers and cosmic radiation.

Obviously he has to cover up head to toe because if regular folk mistook him for God, the higher ups would also. I think his Sinner form would most likely be one of the coolest forms Octavia's ever seen, and I don't think anyone in Hell has, or would ever have a Sinner form like that ever again.

There's 3 funny what ifs I also came up with for this story idea.

1. Imagine he's near Lucifer, and decides to pull a prank, he yanks his cloak off and says "Hello my son" with his arms stretched out for a hug, Lilith's eyes widen comically while Lucifer shrieks and jumps away from him screaming,

OC: Hello my son.

Lucifer: WTF are you doing here!?

2. Stella happens to see him talking to Octavia but with his cloak off, and mistakes him for God and thinks he came to smite her for tormenting Stolas or Stolas himself for his infidelity. She bows before him making the cross sign on her forehead with her fingers and says,

Stella: Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Then proceeds to repeatedly kiss his feet, causing Stolas' and Octavia's eyes to widen to the size of dinner plates. Now, if it's explained to her that he's a Sinner and not God, she runs to a toilet to start puking into it making hurk hurk hurk sounds.

3. I can imagine Angel's response to someone who looks like that.

Angel: Hey kid, so stars occasionally shoot through different parts of your body right, what about your dick?

Vaggie: Dude, seriously!?

Angel: AND, on another note, what about your jizz, does it also have stars in it, as in, does it glitter?

Vaggie: EWW, what the fuck Angel!?

Angel: Come on, you can't tell me your not curious about that?

Vaggie: I'm not curious about that at all, and I don't want to know what starry glitter jizz looks like!.
11/29/2022 c30 Guest
Out of curiosity, have you seen One Punch Man, if so, remember that one Hero Garou punched in the conference room, Heavy Tank Loincloth? Garou basically said to him "Yeah, I think you're done, nighty night gramps". Now imagine if an OPM and Hazbin/Helluva story was made and Garou was used, Stella is known for looking down on the lower class and reminding them of that, she'd certainly feel that way about humans, Garou would probably refer to the humans on a regular Earth as a bootleg, cardboard, retarded version of his own, or hypocritical, entitled, triggered little bitches with the intelligence of wet paper. He would likely even refer to Heaven and Hell as not all that threatening. If Stella at some point got in Garou's face and told him he needed to know his place, he likely wouldn't take kindly to that as Darkshine did the same thing to him, I can picture Garou punching her and knocking her out while saying "No I think you're done, nighty night grandma". So what do you think, not that I'm asking you to do this or anything, I just think it'd be pretty funny if he actually did that to her. Octavia and Stolas' eyes would probably bug out of their skulls and jaws hit the table, Blitzo would probably burst out laughing at that. How do you think Garou would fare in that setting, he hates good, evil and injustice, but Hazbin Earth's humans are overemphasized on good, evil, many injustices, stupidly retarded, hypocritical (which Garou also hates), bigotry, humans are everything and the most complicated race in the universe, and yes Garou would hate Heaven and Hell because they represent good and evil but I think Hazbin Earth would drive him insane because of all the retarded bullshit that goes on and he'd be disappointed that there are no Heroes to hunt yet no Monsters to look up to. Imagine if Garou confronts either Angels or Demons who are still trying to figure out who he is and where he came from, now imagine if they find out he's from another universe and demand he come clean, and Garou whispers this into their ears menacingly.

Garou: About that other Earth I came from, metaphorically speaking, I was it's "Lucifer".

I also believe OPM GOD is more powerful than Lucifer's father (Christian God), all he has to do to defeat/kill him, is step on, similar to Godzilla vs Zilla if you will.
11/29/2022 c30 Guest
You know what I'd like to see in the Hazbin/Helluva section someday? What the Hazbin/Helluva and Supernatural cast's thoughts would be on each other. Supernatural only has 4 Princes of Hell, one of which would be the only Sin in Hazbin Hotel: Asmodeus, while Hazbin has 7 which are also the 7 Deadly Sins who rule the 7 Rings Of Hell, the 7 Sins in Supernatural were only slightly more powerful versions of Demons, they weren't even Princes. Asmodeus in Supernatural looks like an evil Colonel Sanders and is technically a Prince Of Hell but not the Sin Of Lust and Lucifer described him as his weakest creation, while the one in Hazbin looks like a giant bird like creature, is the Ruler Of Lust, and is also King Of The Ars Goetia. Leviathans were plural entities in Supernatural, in Hazbin however, Leviathan is the Sin Ruler Of Envy. Belphegor is the Prince Of Sloth in Hazbin while the one in Supernatural was a regular Demon. Supernatural had no Mammon, or Beelzebub. In Supernatural, Lucifer could also go by Satan while in Hazbin, Lucifer and Satan are 2 different people with Satan being the Ruler of Wrath and Lucifer ruling Pride. Hazbin Lucifer might also refer to Supernatural's Lucifer as Heaven propaganda as the apocalypse in Hazbin might not even be a thing and just made up by Heaven or even humans for that matter, while the Apocalypse in Supernatural was an actual thing and used by Heaven as a tool/scapegoat, Hazbin Lucifer could even refer to him as a crybaby because "Oh boo fucking hoo, daddy left me", I say that because in Supernatural Season 12, when God left with his sister, Lucifer became so distraught he went on a killing spree and literally described it as "God left me so I'm going to smash all his toys". Supernatural only has 4 main Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Zachariah, Raphael, and Lucifer also being an Archangel just as the Fallen one, while Hazbin has multiple Archangels. Hazbin has Uriel as an Archangel while the one in Supernatural was a regular class Angel. Hellhounds are humanoid people in Hazbin/Helluva while they are just invisible dogs in Supernatural. Angels in Supernatural can be killed with Angel Blades while supposedly the ones in Hazbin cannot. Angels and Demons in Supernatural have no physical forms (Demons are black smoke and Angels are white smoke, although Castiel did describe his true form as being the size of the Chrysler building) and need vessels (humans to possess) so they can operate on Earth, while in Hazbin, Demons and Angels have actual bodies and some of them have transformation spells to make themselves look like humans. Castiel is also known as The Angel Of Thursday while in Hazbin that would probably be Cassiel. Supernatural also has no Imps, Succubai/Incubai, or Goetia. In Hazbin, Lilith was the first human female while in Supernatural it was Eve, with Lilith being Lucifer's first creation/human he turned into a Demon. In Supernatural, Eve was cast out of Heaven and become the mother of monsters, while Adam was banished straight to Earth, in Hazbin however, Adam and Eve are still in Heaven it's just they aren't allowed in the Garden anymore which I assume is in another part of Heaven. In Supernatural, Lucifer corrupted Adam and Eve which screwed up God's (it was stated God already knew this going to happen because it's the story he wrote) plan, while in Hazbin, God planned on Lilith and Adam creating mankind, but Lucifer and Lilith fell for each other and, also screwed up God's plan, which is the main reason Eve was created from Adam's rib in the first place. I think Hazbin Lucifer might even get a kick out of the Angel Banishment spell commonly used in Supernatural. I think if that spell was used in Hazbin Hell, a minor one would banish the Angels/Exorcists to another part of Hell/Pride, a major one would probably banish them right back to Hazbin Heaven.

Above, I said Adam was banished to Earth, but I forgot to mention where Eve was banished to. She was banished into Purgatory, which in Supernatural is basically Monster Heaven (which is where all Monsters go when they die), by Monsters I mean Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, Shapeshifters, etc, and most of them look human, it's technically where Leviathans also live as well because it's where they were sealed away. Purgatory in Hazbin however is an area between Heaven and Hell and serves as a place where humans who weren't dark enough for Hell but not light enough for Heaven go. In Hazbin, the place where Demons and Angels go when they quote "Double die" is The Void, in Supernatural however it's called The Empty. In Hazbin there are Sinners and Hellborns in Hell, Do-Gooders (opposite of Sinner and humans can turn into an animal version or Angel version of themselves) and Heavenborns in Heaven. In Supernatural however, Hell only has Demons (not even referred to as Sinners, and Hell doesn't even have Rings, it's all one area with a few locations and one area that's sectioned off because it's the place before Season 5 where Lucifer is sealed), in Heaven however, Angels were created, not born, and God/Chuck hasn't created any new Angels since the dawn of creation, and humans who get to Heaven stay human, they don't even turn into Angels. I'd also like to say something about Leviathans, and this is Death's explanation about them,

Death: Long before God created Angel and Man, he created the First Beasts, the Leviathans, now personally I found them entertaining but God, he was afraid they would chomp the entire petri dish, so he sealed them away. Why do you think he created Purgatory, to keep those poisonous, clever things out.

Now, I know Succubus and Incubus don't exist in Supernatural but if they did, what you think they would be, Demons who have sex with people, or Monsters that eat people by luring them in with the false promise of sex? A Siren, and a Gorgon have done that in the show. I think Dean (who is known to have slept with a lot of women in the show, Sam has too just not as much as his brother, Castiel's also done that once or twice) would find the Succubus Verosika a bit over the top even for him, picture this, she gives the brothers a seductive look because they'd likely be the hottest men she's ever seen, and I can picture steam coming out of her nostrils and getting hearts in her irises, and I can even picture her huffing and panting,

Verosika: Oh holy shit, I've never been fucked by TWO hot brothers before.

Dean: Aaaaand I think we're done here.
Sam: Yeeeaaah, same here.

Now in Hazbin Exorcists/Grigori are the bottom of the hierarchy, while the ones in Supernatural are in between Angel and Archangel, now imagine Exorcists are attacking the Brothers for defending Sinners or even Charlie's Hotel for that matter, and I believe Supernatural Angel Blades can kill Hazbin Angels, and I don't know if regular Hazbin Angels are capable of smitings, but imagine the Brothers pray for Castiel to show up and someone hears them and freaks out "Your friends with an Exorcist"!?, Castiel shows up and everyone looks on in confusion at the human that just appeared and proceeds to smite one of the Exorcists (Exorcist Captain maybe?) but before that, Verosika lays eyes on him.

Verosika: "No, scratch that, THIS is the hottest guy I've ever seen".

Then after the smiting, she could very well suck on a popsicle like that one other Succubus did in the Spring Broken episode and stretch the spit out making it look like semen while looking at him seductively, Cas would likely just stare at her in confusion and make her think he is a virgin, but he isn't depending on which season he is from. So Castiel tilts his head in confusion.

Castiel: I'm sorry, I don't understand the gesture.

Demons in Supernatural might be mistaken for humans with demonic power or Demons in human disguises. Angels on the other hand might be mistaken for humans with holy powers or Angels, also in human disguises. Either Heaven or even the Cherubs for that matter might take an issue with Castiel because they might see him as a human with illegal angelic power.

Also, fun fact about the actor who plays Lucifer in Supernatural, Mark Pellegrino, he's an atheist in real life, which I think Hazbin Lucifer would find hilarious and ironic.

Sorry for this comment being so long, I think this is the longest comment I've ever made, and I made this because there are no Supernatural crossovers of this aside from the one on Reddit, which I can't read anymore because of the mature content, unless I download the app, which I don't want to do.

I also thought of 2 funny scenes, again I'm not asking you to do anything, I just want to know what you think. Imagine if Hazbin Lucifer and the Winchesters are sitting around having a conversation and he happens to be shown a picture of Supernatural Asmodeus, he starts laughing and pounding the table.

H-Lucifer: Ha Ha Ha! Oh fucking heaven, he looks like an evil Colonel Sanders!

Sam: Wow dude (turns to look at Dean) he's basically you.

Dean: Wait what, what's that supposed mean (he asked giving his brother a weird look)?

Sam: Dude, he just called Asmodeus Colonel Sanders, didn't you do that once?

Dean: Come on man, this is Twilight Zone weird.

Now the second one has to do with the concept of Hellborns. Those, unlike Sinners aren't actually dead. Sinners, and even the opposite ones in Heaven (Do-Gooders?), when they die they end up in the Void (Hazbin) or the Empty (Supernatural, although only Angels and corrupted humans/Demons end up there), so being born in Hell would likely make no sense to Dean as Hellborns are actually alive.

Dean: I'm sorry, born in Hell, so is it like the Mexican border then, like did a woman open up a portal to Hell, hop in, then just give birth? Oh no offense (he said turning Vaggie).

Vaggie: Some offense taken actually.

Dean: And Hellborns being alive also doesn't make sense, like where do they go when they die, I mean Monsters end up in Purgatory, so where do Hellborns go, Demon Hell, Double Hell, Demon Heaven? No wait I got it, Hellven.

Sam: Dude, seriously?

Dean: Yeah that's all I got.

Charlie: They end up in the Void actually regardless if it's a regular death, or by a Holy Weapon.

Now imagine Sam's reading a Hell Guide to Dean explaining things like the 7 Princes/Sins.

Sam: Apparently the 7 Sins here also count as the Princes, and they have actual names instead of just being named after the Sins. First one is Lucifer who represents Pride, although he's still called the King Of Hell.

Dean: Ok, makes sense.

Sam: Second one is Satan who represents Wrath.

Dean: But Lucifer is Satan though.

Sam: Apparently they're 2 different people here, Lucifer's from Heaven, Satan was born in Hell.

Dean: Well this universe just gets weirder and weirder.

Sam: Third one is Mammon who represents Greed.

Dean: So what, now he's JAMAICAN?

Sam: I guess, fourth one's Beelzebub who represents Gluttony.

Dean: Sounds like a Demon name, but one I've never heard of.

Sam: Me neither, fifth one is, and get ready for this one, Asmodeus who represents Lust.

Dean: Ok that's frickin gross, wait is it a dude or a chick?

Sam: Definitely a dude, and also a bird Demon.

Dean: Ok, frickin gross then.

Sam: Sixth one is Leviathan who...

Dean: Wait, Leviathan?

Sam: Yeah, not a species, as in not plural, an individual dude actually, he represents Envy.

Dean: Like I said, weirder and weirder.

Sam: Last one is Belphegore who represents Sloth.

Dean: Ok, that kinda makes sense since our Belphegore didn't really do much of anything aside from the one time..
11/28/2022 c30 Dhestrya
8/21/2022 c1 anonkun

Reading some of the other reviews, I see that mlgdethpool shared a lot of the sentiments I did, and while I don't agree with the level of rudeness, I do agree with the actual content of his review.
8/21/2022 c14 anonkun
I was just about to defend the author against all the trolls in the comments and compliment how well written the story was. From a grammar perspective, errors are kept to a minimum, and from a story perspective, it's pretty accurate to doomguy's character. A really angry guy sees demons and commits to unrestrained violence. Even the part where he rushes to the mace guy and obliterates him instead of heeding VEGA's advice, that was accurate, I liked that. But upon actually reading the story and getting to the chapter where he met Charlie... everything went downhill. In the nicest way I can put it, out of character fuckery ensued so Charlie would have a reason to live, which was the biggest turn off to the good time I had reading this. It's funny that Alastor described my hopes for this story perfectly: "I was so expectant that a variety of unfortunate events..."

You aren't a bad person, or even a bad author. The story was actually quite good until it took a pretty poor turn when Doomslayer met Charlie, and it kind of made all the chapters before that feel pointless, even more so when he REVIVED demons? This would all be acceptable if you at least hinted to such a major change as the Doomslayer working alongside Charlie in the story description, but no, "That's going to change drastically when a newcomer breaks into their world in the most unnatural way, fueled by an undying rage and ready to purge…" gives a very set idea of what's going to happen. And it *did* happen, until it just stopped, and became false advertising.

I hope the rewrite will be better.
8/18/2022 c30 4pubbz
this was great cant wait for the next one
8/11/2022 c1 1The Doomfan
Nah,I wanna see bad shit happens,so no problem on your side dude,you write good
8/7/2022 c1 25TheOriginalWriterGuy
There is a [REMASTERED] version of this story out, you can quit shitting on this one and go check that one out. I am more than well aware that this fic is subpar compared to other material, it was one of my earliest fics, so cut me a break.

Go check the other one out (and the sequel) and then compile your thoughts.
8/7/2022 c1 Some DS Fan
Edit: while Ive been reading this I didnt wasted my time,in fact I had quite the fun seeing some bad shit happening,but other than that mlgdethpool is have a point about,lets just say,everything he said except wasting my time.
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