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4/19 c15 Guest
So good! I always figured she work cuddle up with Him in the hospital bed.
My thoughts on the next story to upload is season 4.
4/19 c15 Guest
I vote for the story set after this ends, all through season 4.. Boo, Right Next Door, Personal Foul, Taxi.. Right into The Box and Green Piece!

And thank you so much for this one and for keeping this feed alive *
4/18 c15 16218lzytwner
D'awww. Very cute.

As for which story - the follow up to this would be nice. :)
4/18 c15 10Catty
Fabulous story, could totally see this running alongside the actual show, wish they’d let you in as part of the writing team!
Now, while I love your family stories, and TOTALLY want to read it, please could we have the season 4 story? I always love the one where they are feeling their way into the magic, and the reactions of everyone around them and how they deal with having D/L together.
Thanks I appreciation and in advance,
4/18 c15 nandamesser
Your Danny is just irresistible.
4/18 c15 15Dantana15
Awww. This chapter is so sweet. I love the bond between these two. Can't wait for the other stories. I'm really looking forward to read the season 9 one.
4/18 c15 83LoveShipper
Aww Danny is Lindsay's knight in shinning armour and proud of it
4/17 c14 brankel1
Love it.
4/14 c14 1Neesa
Love this, I miss the show so much just re watched all episodes as we are in lockdown here and nothing else to do. Love your writing. Please carry on.
4/11 c14 Guest
So good! Can’t wait for the next chapter.
4/11 c14 16218lzytwner
I loved this. Danny bugging the nurses. Another great chapter. :)
4/11 c14 15dwjx
I suck at remembering to review but I’m so glad you’re continuing with this, I’ve rambled before but I’ll do it again because I just love your fics and I always click as soon as I get the alert for this. I’ve reread a lot of your old stories (still do) but i love that you’re still bringing out new works too. The way you write them has always been so on point and i hope you have plans to add a couple more chapters? if so I look forward to reading. I hope you’re doing okay and staying safe too, things are tough for everyone right now but your updates really make my day x
4/11 c14 83LoveShipper
Aww cute that Danny is more worried about his Montana then himself
4/9 c13 brankel1
4/9 c12 brankel1
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