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3/17 c6 13Write Your Wrongs
The prank war, literal war, that was accounted by Konohamaru is one of the most innovative things I’ve read in fanfic. Was this idea original or borrowed?
3/7 c16 Apollodorus13
Sucks, this shit was great. Oh well

Thanks for what you wrote so far
2/17 c7 Vishw
Not a fan of Hinata I see...
2/17 c4 Vishw
Naruto still being unable to perform any of the basic Academy Jutsus doesn't make sense. He is a lot more diligent here than the original dead last so he should be doing better than him, not worse.

Also, why was he already talking with Kyuubi even before Hokage told him?!
2/17 c1 Vishw
Interesting start. The scene with the scroll was hilarious! Nicely written! But why an 8-year-old dead last Naruto would be having an early graduation exam?!
11/24/2023 c16 2Andersen1989
I get it. But i hope you somehow get the patience to deal with idiots again, couse this story is awesome, and i hope to someday see more of it :)

Anyway. The story is super entertaining and well worth a read.
11/5/2023 c11 sgriffin730
8/24/2023 c16 5Anshul Patidar
good by
6/8/2023 c16 Who TF cares
Understandable, Fuck You very much
4/5/2023 c16 steel.metal14
damn shame to see you go. be well.
4/5/2023 c12 steel.metal14
I've only seen it one before, myself. Tazuna became the Wave Daimyo, Haku went with Naruto, and ZabuNami attended the Chunin Exam to represent Wave.
3/31/2023 c16 Ryan
A lot of fun, which makes the OP'ness easy to bear. I cracked up more than once heheh!
3/13/2023 c16 Asbndd
The story is awesome
1/29/2023 c16 crazyaboutrandomstuff
I just hope the author is well and didn't stop writing altogether because they're good at it. Author if you ever read this good on you for standing up for yourself!
1/29/2023 c16 crazyaboutrandomstuff
for everyone that insulted, put down, invalidated the feelings and laughed about the author in the comments of this story: YOU are the problem and it ist obvious that in the end it's not only the User formerly known as BaddieDZ2! I wouldn't want to write for negative and/or hateful people like you either. Stop trolling and demanding things from people you don't even know. How can anyone be this entitled to something they don't own? Maybe you get put down in real life and think: well let's do that to people on the internet so I feel better about myself. Maybe you FEEL better, but you ARE worse for it. We all should learn to react with compassion, understanding and positivity to things not spew hate and other negative stuff...
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